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Welcome 2015 ... and I'm back!
Posted On 01/03/2015 23:22:34 by yourchoice

Welcome to 2015! It seemed to have appeared when I was catching some much needed sleep. We had a marvelous International Christmas, with guests from Iowa and Washington states, and Yorkshire, England. 

Our home was the "quiet retreat" for the grandparents, but the days were filled with adventure. 

Two day trips were taken to the mountains. Fifteen of us traveled in two vans to Lake Louise so the grandkids could skate on the lake, and tour the Chateau. On the way, we stopped at the Ridge Cafe in Canmore for lunch, leaving only three empty tables for other diners. We had an ideal view of 'The Three Sisters' mountains that is a well-known landmark for postcards. The second trip was to Banff for a swim in the hot sulphur swimming pool, a ride on a gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain. We also made a short stop at the Banff Springs Hotel to enjoy the view of Bow Falls and a delicious cup of hot chocolate. A tour of the town, a visit to the Candy Store, dinner at a Sushi Restaurant, and a climaxed with a slow trip home in a 'white-out' snow storm, causing most of us sleeping longer that night and having several naps during the following day. The university student from Iowa placed this caption on a picture she took during the storm, "Mom was panicking, Grandma was watchful, Zach was sleeping, and I was giggling. That's a different kind of scared."

Our daughter and family from Washington were with us for a week, and it was a rare treat to have them come to Canada as a family. The three grandgirls were so wanting to experience 'real' winter for Christmas. They were with us until New Year's Eve. Our British relatives left this afternoon for Toronto, to fulfil a 'bucket list' wish to visit Niagara Falls. We miss all of them already!

Now, it's back to our routine! The 'ordinary' becomes a welcome and familiar stage of life. Time to be thankful for the small and familiar blessings; time to catch up with local friends and neighbors; and time to get back to The Hill. So... brace yourself, I'm back!

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01/04/2015 23:55:30

Lisa2 wrote:

Thanks for the warning lol

Just joking. Glad your back and that you has a great holiday..


Love your response, Lisa! I love a sense of humor. Now that you've been warned, don't be surprised when you see a pile of words coming from me!

01/04/2015 19:29:01

Julio wrote:

Sounds like a memorable holiday adventure to be sure! I have lodged at Banff. The mountain scenery is breath taking!

The sad thing is that we live so close to Banff, that we take it for granted; sort of a 'been there, done that' attitude until we have guests who have never seen the Canadian Rockies. Taking another look is the reminder that we need!

01/04/2015 18:43:05

Sounds like a memorable holiday adventure to be sure! I have lodged at Banff. The mountain scenery is breath taking!

01/04/2015 10:04:31

Sounds like you had great hoildays. There's nothing like being surrounded by family at Christmas and New Year's. Washington is beautiful. I have nice memories from my childhood. One was a trip to BC....

01/04/2015 03:06:31

salfordian wrote:

So Glad you had auch a lovely holiday season and enjoyed the family, I bet it was quite the trip for those UK rellies!  BY the way Mona, those Bow falls you mentioned and the Bow River were named after a relative of my ex husbands uncle.... It seems that after WWll many rivers & lakes in Canada were named after  soldiers who lost their life during the war....Lloyd Bow was one of 3 brothers who went to war, he & one brother came home, settling in Gravelburg, Saskatchewan and Swift Current, SK....the younger one died & Bow River was named for him.....Interesting eh!

Thanks for your personal touch... we see the Bow River from our home. It runs through our "green valley"!

01/04/2015 00:12:22

HOORAY!!!  Welcome back...I missed you.

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