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Posted On 03/21/2015 12:54:18 by Notgrnyyet


We ate what we grew in the 50's and 60's. Bought flour, meal, sugar, and other staples at a store when needed. Everything was made from scratch and it was all oh so good. Meat, eggs, milk, butter and the like also tasted better than it does now. Chicken was fried in Mamas big iron skillet in hog lard. We ate lots of bacon and eggs and all the salt and grease our hearts desired. Unhealthy? Thats what they say now. Hey! I'm 70 and still here. So if we ate unhealthy then I wish someone would explain to me why I can do, and know how to do so much more than young people today. I'm not talking just about teens either. There are some in their twenties who are the same. What in the heck happened? Well I'm going to try and tell you my view on the matter not that it matters.
All us kids stayed outside all day in the summer. No TVs no phones, no video games, no computer, and not much to play with. We came in and ate what was set before us. Foods had no additives, the animals hadn't been shot full of medicine, fast growing hormones, and vitamins. The meat was just that, meat. No water for extra weight, no coloring, no added fillers to make more, we never had frozen meat even. It was killed then eaten. Fresh and natural. After we ate we ran back outside and played. No plopping in front of some machine, we used the food in our body to build muscles and good stamina.
Then there was the air we breathed. No chemicals in the air, no jet planes, no shuttles going into space to emit all those fumes and gases back down in to our air. On a clear day you could see for miles. Nothing in the air to muck it up.
We didn't need gyms with all kinds of machines, weights, and such to get in shape. We carried buckets of water, baskets of fruit and veggies from the garden. Then we shucked, peeled, snapped, shelled, washed and put in clean jars to be sealed with lids in a pressure cooker. A hog was killed and meat sugar cured for the smoke house, Or in our case the back porch, where it stayed cold and fresh. We played hard and we worked hard. Went to bed at dark and slept good because we were tired.
In the winter we walked to the bus stop and caught the school bus. No one had their car to drive to school. Some had bicycles and rode those. No motor cycles either. We walked where we went. No use for tread mills and daily walks slinging your arms for a mile or two daily. We walked three times that much just being natural. I probably put in several miles a day running back and forth to Brenda's house.
We drank milk, buttermilk, and water. Kool Aide made with real sugar. A coke now and then was a treat. Cakes and pies were also treats and were not always sitting there for us to eat as desired. At Christmas we got fruit and nuts, not a bunch of candy. We ate popcorn for snacks on winter nights. Popped in the iron skillet with butter and salt. No low fat, sugar free, low sodium, tasteless stuff. Hey I still eat that way. I use real butter, real sugar, real salt, real eggs. I make things from scratch. My hubby is a diabetic and he does just fine.
We went barefoot winter and summer. Went outside as much as we wanted but we were seldom sick and snotty all the time like kids are now. We could sluff it off because we had strong systems and healthy bodies.
Don't get me wrong, I love my modern stuff as much as anyone. It is just that my childhood made me stronger and better able now than people much younger than me. I also know that there was sickness then just as now. I just don't remember so much of it. Could be because I was young. Yep could be. I just happen to believe that the more simple times of my childhood were so much more healthy and happy. Thats the way I see it folks! OK?

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03/22/2015 06:04:40

With the exception of a garden and a yard, my story is the same.  I did my running and playing on city streets.  You are right, we were not the constant snot and cough machines the kids are today.  If you did get a cold the advice was "let it run its course".  No antibiotics or anti viral medicine.  We built our own powerful immune systems.  I don't remember one child with a food allergy or ADHD.  On the other hand, as you point out, not all progress is bad.  Great blog.

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