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Posted On 04/15/2015 22:26:28 by Notgrnyyet


It's a dreary and chilly day but so many signs of Spring are around me. Oh how fresh and clean is Spring.
First thing I notice as I venture outside was these tiny little star shaped purple flowers popping up everywhere. Daddy called em' johnny jump ups. I don't know the name and I suspect they are weeds but they will forever be Johnny jump ups to me. Then on a cold morning like today someone has their fireplace going. I dearly love to smell the smoke drifting up in the air and mingling with a fresh green smell of wet grass.  
The little Finches that were brown and drab in the winter are too brightening up their feathers with yellow and red. Then there is a Red Breasted Robin strutting around looking for the perfect ground where he might fetch a big fat earth worm. I thought well little Robin I doubt you are going to find a worm this morning in fact I think you might be here too soon because it's still cold. But heck fire that little bird was smarter than me because all at once he bobbed his head down and came up with a worm for his breakfast. Good for you little one.
I have bird feeders hanging by my window so I can watch them eat and this morning there is a beautiful Cardinal sitting there in all its glory as the sun shines down on him and makes his red feathers glow. He calls prit-te prit-te prit-te. My Grandma told me once, "Listen Clydene, he's telling you that you are pretty." If you have never listened closely to the Cardinals call you should. Let him tell you how pretty you are. It will brighten your day.
 Easter Lilies popping up out of the cold ground. They reach up for the sun to help them grow.  When the bright yellow flowers  start popping open it reminds me of sunshine. Nothing prettier that the first Easter Lilies.
I have a Fire Bush that is starting to have little red blooms all over it. Soon it will burst forth with the fiery red color that gives it its name. On the other side there is a Forsythia bush that has been spurting out those bright yellow flowers for several weeks now, only to be plucked off by the icy fingers of the still gripping winter winds. That bush has finally  burst forth with the color of sunshine so bright it almost hurts your eyes.
I scratched around in my Wishing Well planter and sure enough the little green spurts of Rose Moss is trying its best to get through the hard soil. I covered them back up and another day when I look again I'll be able to remove the cover and they will spring up seems all at once with the many colors of a rainbow. They will grow and grow till they hang down the sides and look like a huge colorful bouquet.
Trees are budding, flowers are popping, birds are chirping, and it all just shouts "Springtime is Springing". Makes a body feel good to know that even though winter is still hanging on tight, it can't stop Spring from coming. Winter you might as well go crawl in your dark dreary hole. I'll be waiting for you when you come back again to give the earth a rest so Spring can once again spring forth out of the resting dormant earth that you have been protecting and nurturing for us. Thank you Winter, I'll miss you, but I'm gonna love the renewal of the earth with Spring. By the way winter, Would you take some of those pesky bugs with you? I'd appreciate it muchly. YEP!!
By the way I do love winter but this one has been a mite tiring. I love Spring also but am not looking forward to hot summer. I don't get along with the hot weather at all.

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04/16/2015 05:47:03

Unlike you, I hate winter.  I hate being cold and this past winter the weather kept me housebound way too much of the time.   Winter's only purpose for me is to make me appreciate Spring more.  Your descriptions of the rebirth of the flora and fauna are eloquent.  I am looking forward to the splashes of color which will decorate the yard.  You have given me the ambition to go look for the first signs of renewal.  Thanks for sharing.

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