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L - London, Lincoln and Licorice
Posted On 09/05/2015 00:25:29 by yourchoice

If you have visited my page in the past, you will have learned that I love to share our travel experiences, and call them “Armchair Travels”. It is what my father loved to do, sharing his travels with other residents in his Seniors' Apartment complex. Here is a “short form” of an Armchair Travels from me. Warning: some of the links are longer than a few minutes.

We had never been to London before we learned that my husband had relatives in various locations in England. His father had immigrated by himself to Canada at the age of 19 years old, and rarely talked about his home. Our first contact with the family in England was when a young cousin came with two older aunts came to Alberta for a visit. It was such a pleasure to meet the three delightful ladies. It also sparked the desire to visit them, and visit the area where his father was born and raised. Our experiences were delightful, creating a bag full of memories.

We flew into Heathrow Airport, then traveled to London by train, arriving at Kings Cross Station. Wait a minute; isn't this the station that was bombed not long before we arrived? That was scary! We made several trips back to London later with various relatives, and toured or drove past so many places, and returned to a number of them on return visits. Several of our favorites were The London Eye, London's centennial project, Winston Churchill's War Rooms, Imperial War Museum, and Westminster Abbey. We dropped by to have tea with Lilibet (aka Queen Elizabeth) but she was out of town, so we stood just outside of the main gate and took pictures of the Changing of the Guard.

I put in the word Lincoln in my collection of 'L' words, just to keep you guessing. What's the story about? A vintage luxury car? A late American president? You're not even close! We boarded the train at Kings Cross Station and traveled north to the city of Lincoln, in the county of Lincolnshire, within the East Midlands of England. The cousin who had come to Canada with her two grannies, lives in Lincoln, and the hospitality and acceptance we received was like no other. Other family lived nearby, and there seemed to be an ongoing discussion as to who would take us where. Many mornings we were served a delicious breakfast, then asked “Where would you like to go today?” We had no idea; a tour around the block would be a new experience for us. A tour of the Lincoln Cathedral, and a restful hour when we attended a choral evensong. We had our first and last sampling of 'Stinking Bishop's cheese, a wonderful dinner on a tug boat. A delightful day at the Lincolnsire Steam and Vintage Rally, and a morning visit to a Boot Sale. It was a smaller version of a Garage Sale, and even though we didn't purchase any new-found treasures, we enjoy the many chats we had with Vendors.

And lastly, I included the word LICORICE! What now? On one of our visiting side trips to meet another family, we definitely detected the scent of licorice in the air when we arrived in Pontefract. I've always been a fan of Bassetts Licorice Allsorts, and now I can tell you that I loaded up on the freshest Allsorts that I have ever enjoyed. 

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09/05/2015 20:21:58

Great journey, thank you. Bassetts...... the best licorice allsorts in the world!

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