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P - My Passion for Prayer, Praise, and People
Posted On 09/18/2015 23:36:04 by yourchoice

It has been a lifetime journey for me, to try to learn what is important to me. I grew up in a home where Sunday School and church attendance was very important, memorizing Bible verses was required, and good behavior was expected. As an only child, I thought it was my responsibility to conduct myself in such a way to keep my parents happy and pleased with me.

When I moved away from home, I was introduced to many other lifestyles and opinions, and it became apparent that I needed to think through life issues myself and decide what was important for me. Life handed me some challenging circumstances, showing me that prayer is a privilege and a comfort.. Even though I had learned about prayer as a child, I reminded myself that I believed that God was everywhere (omnipresent), and wherever I was, He was right there with me. I could have a conversation with Him in our travels, enjoying His creation in our valley, or in my hospital bed. And it was a conversation… I would see Him through unexpected events, a comment from a friend, or a Scripture verse that I “just happened” to read. The more I became aware of my need for direction from my Heavenly Father, the more I talked to Him.

I also learned that my prayers were not to be a list of requests and reminders to God of all the things I was wanting to happen. God IS Love, and there isn’t anything that I can do to make Him love me more. And for that fact, I praise Him. How is the word praise defined in the dictionary?

“Whether it's used as a verb or a noun, praise means "approval." If you enthusiastically praise your dog, he's likely to wag his tail and expect a treat. What you've given him (in addition to the treat) is praise, the noun. In a religious context, the verb praise is interchangeable with worship, as when a minister says, "Praise God."

I am a “people person”! I love to meet new friends, and hold tightly to old friends. I can’t imagine living in a neighborhood and not meeting my neighbors. How would I like it if I moved into my new home, and never seeing or meeting the people who live next door? Lonely! And when standing in line at the grocery store or other queues, it is very hard for me to pretend that I don’t see the person in front or behind me. I am compelled to make a friendly comment… “Are you having a good day?” or “Did you find any good bargains today?” Even if it only brings a smile, that gives me a great feeling. I love being a helper, if I know anything that will help. Sometimes, it just helps to BE THERE, and not even use any words.

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09/23/2015 05:20:47

Lovely post.

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