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Rain,Rain, lots of rain
Posted On 10/03/2015 08:10:00 by Jane

I don't know where YOU live,  but here, in MD, we are having rain - thanks to a Nor'eastern and a hurricane far off shore. Where I live, we are fortunate - no potential  loss of lives or homes due to extreme flooding, but the Eastern part of the state- like many other states - is experiencing this. College football games are played on Saturdays and some of those, played on real grass (not artificial turf) will be having mud on their fields. Those watching the games won't be able to tell who is who with their uniforms covered with mud. As the rain falls here, the temperature has dropped. This morning, it is 48ยบ, which feels good after a summer of heat and humidity(to me!)

Still, there is no reason to complain - the hurricane stayed out to sea making the flooding and damage to the coast much less. What it means is that we have something else to talk about - not the summer heat complaints - and that is great. One remembers all the folks, along the coast, in one's prayers and thanks God for His care and constant place in our lives.

Today, I will knit and watch TV to see how muddy it really becomes in the games played on real grass, and I will enjoy seeing emails on my computer. I plan to make a "comfort" casserole, using things in the kitchen cupboards and freezer- something that will simmer for a long time and fill the house with a delicious scent! Anticipating the first forkful will be fun, all day.  So if you are also experiencing these wet days, think positive. Others are experiencing worse things. Be glad that the shrubs, trees, lakes etc. are being rejuvenated by it.  Now, to get busy around here, starting the casserole. Have a great weekend! We are alive!!!!


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