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U - Utterly Unbelievable Scenes in Utah
Posted On 10/27/2015 21:53:20 by yourchoice

How many times have we heard people express their desire to walk on the moon, or imagine aloud what it would be like to visit another planet? It seems that in our lifetime we are getting closer to walking on planets that are further and further away. We may even be beginning to take the experience for granted.

During the summer of 2008, we had such an experience, even though we had our feet firmly planted on our own terra firma. We were on a road trip from Western Canada to Branson, Missouri because we had been told that if we enjoyed music, and lots of it, we should spend some time in the Branson area. It was good advice and we enjoyed a wide variety of music genres, and even a show by my favorite comedian, Yakov Schmirnoff.

When we began our return back to Canada, we stopped to visit friends in Colorado who took us on a day trip through the Colorado National Monument. We had never seen terrain like that; beautiful but almost surreal. Our friends told us that if we REALLY wanted to see some spectacular scenes, we needed to travel through Utah before heading north to Canada. We were not prepared for what we discovered in Utah. You be the judge as I take you on another episode of Armchair Travels, called…

Utterly Unbelievable Scenes in Utah

I hope you enjoy it.

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11/03/2015 16:06:15

hi mona, i'm just happy to walk or should i say llimp-lol

10/31/2015 16:01:35

refid wrote:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing... I am more like a couch potato!

I can be a couch potato too, especially after we get home from one of these adventures!!! Thanks for dropping by, dear friend.

10/31/2015 13:20:02

Awesome! Thanks for sharing... I am more like a couch potato!

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