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A - Announcement: Alphabet Challenge All Over Again
Posted On 11/23/2015 20:38:10 by yourchoice

The first time I was told to consider writing blogs in the A-Z Challenge, I told my friend that I didn’t have time, didn’t know what I would write about, and to leave it to others who were better writers. Another friend reminded me that I always have lots to say (invited or not), so what would be so hard about writing a blog.  When I finally did get started, it got my ‘old brain’ in gear, and I started to enjoy the exercise of deciding on a topic for each letter, and getting my thoughts organized on paper.

I’m here to announce, unless someone decides to “shut me down”, that I’m going to try to do the challenge all over again. See what happens when I receive such nice messages from friends, telling me how much they enjoy my blogs, especially the “Armchair Travels” that I have shared. It goes to my head!!! No promises on how long it will take, or if I will even finish it, but my head is filled with stories that that have come from the deep recesses of my memory, and I’d would like to have a reason to write them down. I never kept a consistent diary (or now called a journal), but the thousands of photos the I have accumulated over many years… some black and white, some colored that have now faded, many slides that I have scanned during the last few years, and now, with the digital cameras and computers, there is no limit to many “memory-making” photos that I have stored on my computer. And… all of them have been safely saved on DVDs for the family, and on my external drives.

So… brace yourself! Decisions can be made. I have decided to write some more blogs, you can decide whether to read them or not!   

Ha ha! This is going to be fun!

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12/07/2015 03:37:55

How wonderful!

11/26/2015 10:34:31

kiwibarb wrote:

Do you want this to be another challenge Mona, or is it something you prefer to do alone?

I would be more than happy if others would take up the challenge (including you, Barbara). It has been so much fun to read the other stories. Everyone has stories... Let's try to get others to join in. 

11/23/2015 21:43:01

Looking forward to reading more of your life tales, Mona :)

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