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Rain, rain, go away..far away
Posted On 01/16/2016 08:37:23 by oldblueeyes99

Today we are being bombarded with lots of rain. I have no plans to go out today and it's a good thing or I'd be floating away. So glad it isn't snow...we'd be knee deep into it by now. I have given up driving as I just don't feel comfortable even making short trips so I knew the time had come...and didn't have to listen to my kids tell me that i had to give it up. My friend Barb loves to drive so that means a lot to me when she calls and invites me to go shopping or just a ride. Soon my car will be going to my great granddaughter and so no car in the driveway will seem so strange to me. It was always there for me to hop into whenever I had to do a few errands nearby. Life changes and I'll be going thru another transition in my journey thru life. Three of my kids live nearby and will pitch in also. They were glad that I knew it was time without having to nag me. Due to the weather the past few weeks I haven't been able to do much walking and i feel the difference in my knees..but I do use the treadmill on the days that I can't get out to walk. It's just not the same but will have to do. It looks like a reading day for me today and mabe I'll iron the few pieces that I have ...boring. Hope you all have a fruitful week-end. Take care. Luv, Alice x♥


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01/16/2016 09:55:59

What a delightful posting... May we all have such grace to accept necessary changes in our life's journey.

We are not knee-deep in snow yet, but we know it is coming.

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