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Back on THE HILL!
Posted On 05/27/2016 23:41:04 by yourchoice

It’s about time that I get my act together and get back to my friends on The Hill. It has been a busy year for me, often events that didn’t include my fun times on here on with my friends, new ones and long-time friends. Some things were medical related, and I’m back to my normal, which I am thankful for. Other activities were much more fun. I was given the responsibility to organize activities for the Reunion of my nursing class. We would be celebrating the 55th Anniversary of our graduation as registered nurses.

There were 91 in our class, 15 have passed away, and 49 came back for this Reunion. Not bad for a bunch of old ladies, all being 75 years or older. Most of my classmates were registered at the same hotel, and did a lot of visiting in the Hospitality Suite that we had booked. The things we all could do well was ‘talk and eat’.

The weekend began with an Alumnae Banquet, attended by graduates of our nursing school. There were over 700 at that banquet, and the beginning of reconnecting with long-time friends.

On Saturday, we arranged a bus tour of the city. Calgary had changed so much, especially the last ten years, and often, when classmates come here, they see their family and friends, and the airport. The tour company took us to see the newest hospital, the site where the hospital where we took are training, was imploded about ten years ago. It was so full of mold that it was not a healthy place to be. We enjoyed lunch at Heritage Park, filled with history of our region, and the downtown core, filled with many new high-rise building, and the new National Music Center that will officially open this summer. Part of it was used for this year’s Canadian Juno Awards last month, but not open to the public.

On Saturday evening, we had a ‘Show and Tell’ of hobbies and activities that Classmates are involved in. We saw beautiful samples of quilted items, as well as knitting and crochet projects. Charity projects were diverse, and a number of classmates were collectors of ‘stuff’. That included me, trying to explain why I collect telephone and telegraph insulators. My statement was, “I’m happy to tell people that I collect insulators, but they are not allowed to ask me ‘Why?’

We now have the experience embedded in our memories, reminding ourselves that the ‘sisterhood’ that began in 1958, developed by living, working, and socializing together for three years, is still strong and to be treasured.

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06/09/2016 08:49:18

 Sounds   like  you  had  a  great  time ,      Thanks  for  sharing  your  story 

06/03/2016 04:34:03

I too am back after too long of an absence. Life gets so busy and we get so caught up in things that we often forget the ones that have truly been there for us during some of the worst times of our lives. 

Welcome home. I look forward to getting to know you,


06/02/2016 12:00:22

Loved the story. Thanks so much for sharing

06/02/2016 10:19:13

That is great! reunions are so much fun... Happy for you and pity I haven't had any reunion...

05/30/2016 08:14:33

Sounds like you had a wonderful reunion.  So nice to get together after all those years.  Also, nice to hear from you and know that you are still insulatoring!

05/28/2016 23:46:54

We were on a cruise and ran into some people we had met previously on another cruise.  In fact, this woman's husband had collapsed in Egypt in the heat and my husband came to his rescue. Here we were running into each other once again on the same cruise ship. As we sat talking it came to light that she was originally from Saskatoon (now living in California) and in talking I learned she went through nursing with my cousin but had lost touch. I contacted my cousin (now living in Switzerland) and told her I'd just run into this woman. Lo and behold my cousin informed me they were planning their 50-year nurses reunion and this woman was the only one they couldn't locate! Talk about coincidence! And these two women's mothers had been best friends. Small world.

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