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N - NOTH Nonsense
Posted On 11/06/2016 14:44:56 by yourchoice

There is a saying that "one can't see the forest for the trees". In my case, searching all over the place for an idea for the letter 'N', my next A-Z challenge. then my brain finally clicked into gear, and the 'N' was right here. We all know that NOTH isn't found in the dictionary, but we have learned what the acronym stands for. Hopefully it brings fond memories to mind. For me, I have been a member from the beginning of this site. It has been a lot of fun meeting new friends from many parts of the world, learning what is important in their lives, discovering some of their favorite things, and even some of their passions... family, religion, politics, to name a few.

There is also a lot of nonsense... stuff that makes us laugh and have fun, and stuff we've developed as a habit of nonsense. I love to laugh, and my favorite lady is 'Maxine'. She can be so full of nonsense that I can't imagine how the artist keeps going with his ideas. Often his new creations reflect current situations, which help us find a bright side to a mundane or serious occurance in life. I also like her humor, without vulgar inuendos and offensive language. 

The other kind of nonsense here on The Hill is the unrelenting 'nit picking' about a miriad of situations. There have been instances of members who have forgotten that they are a 'guest' of this social network, not the owner. Others seem to think that "my way or the highway" should work on The Hill too. That is such nonsense! We can learn from each other, show respect for another person's viewpoint, and be quick to apologize and to accept an apology for misunderstandings. And if you wish to meet new friends, don't block your page so that only those who are already your friends can see it. It's like inviting someone to come and meet you, and then keeping the door locked so they can't come in. This site is secure, and there are always staff who are watching for the occasional intruder, who are expelled without cerimony.

If you have been in this cyber committee for a long time, or have just joined us... remember, there are NO dumb questions! If you enjoy your computer but do not understand how to do something that you have seen other people do, here on The Hill, ASK for help. There is a list of Staff Helpers who volunteer on The Hill (I'm one of them), to help others and answer questions. We don't have all answers, but will help you find someone who can. We learn from each other, and the learning never stops. Join a group to meet others with similar interests, or to learn about something you have never heard about before. Try writing a blog about something that you have experienced in life or on The Hill. NOTH is a great Social Network... sort of a modern version of finding 'pen pals', like we did when we were in school.

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11/10/2016 07:35:55

I enjoyed your blog and all the answers you have received!

11/06/2016 21:28:01

I really enjoyed your blog! I give a big thumbs up

11/06/2016 16:35:03

Very good blog, Mona! Keep up the good work.

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