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my 5 minute day blog
Posted On 01/16/2017 20:12:37 by Floydyisms

Ive never blogged..but thought why not? I do keep a journal so not a whole lot of difference..My 5 minute day blog is going to be exactly that..I will for 5 minutes post what my day has been..


Awesome day! work was great, my businesses are moving along and God has a handle on it all.

I just got home from a mens study group, not what your prolly thinking cause this mens group is to me in a word...real...we talk about real life stuff, taking off the mask we put on everyday and let it out, tonight was on a basic belief about salvation...what exactly does it take to be saved? now I am running outta time but if anyone reads this im curious

What do you think it takes to be saved?

do you know what i am even talking about?

9:12 gotta go..

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01/17/2017 16:02:35

I agree with both of you, Personally I feel over the years "Church" has turned salvation into a invitation type thing..not bashing Church mind you just saying that if you truly believe in Jesus Christ you are saved.

with that said, I do believe that at least for me personally there is the Lord of salvation which is Christ, then there is that moment (years later for me as my life went way off course but thats another story for another time) that He becomes the Lord of my life, then everything changes!

For some I believe that moment comes as soon as they are saved, for others like me our rebel side fights for years until that moment but thru it all He was molding me into who I am today

a sinner for sure but saved by Grace and trying hard to be whatever it is He wants me to be

01/17/2017 08:12:31

Believing, as the first reply said, and having Faith in God's word.What a wonderful feeling comes over a person, when he/she believes in God's word.

01/16/2017 23:54:47

John. 3:16 For God so loved the world  that He  gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life

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