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Apology to Mexico
Posted On 02/02/2017 15:23:48 by TouchedPainter

To our treasured friends of the great & beautiful country of Mexico, I need to take this time to express my profound apology for the unwarranted, ignorant, immature, disgusting, intolerable, sociopathic, narcissistic, unconscionable thoughts, accusations, & threats to our precious friends & valued allies of Mexico. With tears running down my face, I am appalled & humiliated that a President (I did not vote for) could have the hubris to presume to speak for me (& most of my countrymen) in such a demeaning manner to the actually most appreciated country & people of Mexico. Please realize we the people of the U. S. A. appreciate the valued contribution your citizens & your country have made to help make the U. S. A. as great as it has become today. I am so sorry this deplorable excuse of a human being is attacking you & yours. Please realize his sick & twisted rants/attacks are the opposite of the vast majority of the people of the U. S. A. We will continue to advance/expound the peaceful resistance across our country. We may be stuck with this reprobate for four years, so we beg you to please understand, his acidic/nasty comments/threats are opposite of those of the citizens of the U. S. A.

God Bless You All,... we love you... & profoundly thank you,... and only wish you the very best health & prosperity. Thank you & Sorry again, L. E. P. aka TouchedPainter

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05/22/2017 21:00:39

MisterO wrote:

Oh my!  No opinions  allowed?  I need to reread  the TOS.😨

Not on my Blogs... All comments are welcome... It is called conversation... It is called tolerance & understanding.

02/17/2017 22:30:40

Oh my!  No opinions  allowed?  I need to reread  the TOS.😨

02/04/2017 16:51:50

better to be thought "naive" than to BE consumed by hatred.

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