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W - Wordsmiths
Posted On 04/10/2017 23:37:48 by yourchoice

First of all, did you know that the term wordsmith’ is an English language word that was created in late 1800s to describe a person who works with words, and is especially a skillful writer. The word ‘skillful’ in the last sentence leaves me out; I’m not skilled but I love words. I talk a lot, at time too much, but I also remind myself that I need to listen to other people’s stories. They are very interesting too… well, most of them! I don’t like to listen to gossip, or bitter and unforgiving stories. If you haven’t visited my page, you will see for yourself that I am a lady of words. Drop by anytime!

Writing blogs has been a new experience for me, except for items that I have written to our family about some of our travel experiences. Family members don’t complain, and for all I know, they don’t read everything that I write. That’s their choice. When I first heard about the A to Z Blog Challenge, I told my friend that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but now, I’m almost at the end of my second round of blogs. Thank you for all the great comments that I have received. I have been hoping that others will start writing blogs. There are very clear guidelines at the top of the Blog page, written by the creators of NOTH, that are easy to follow. Everyone has a story to tell, some funny, some sad, some just every day experiences. If there are any “wordsmiths” here on The Hill, they don’t seem to be interested in participating. Their personal reasons are none of my business, but I mention it just to point out that none of us are ‘wordsmiths’, just people that are filled with stories that could be shared in this safe community.

Well, when will we write wonderful weekly wireless blogs? Nine ‘w’ words out of ten isn’t a bad effort!

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04/12/2017 10:21:11

You're one of our best bloggers, Mona! Great job. And I love your last paragraph--there's no way I could have thought of that.

Like you, I'm not a 'wordsmith'--I just like to 'write'. I only hope someone finds what I write interesting.  I suppose that's what makes people like you and me 'writers'.

As you said, the 'definition' of blogs "here", at NOTH, can be found easily. I personally feel it's always nicer to read something 'original' instead of 'copy/paste'. There's enough of that on the internet, right?   

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