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X - Xerox and Xylitol
Posted On 04/13/2017 01:03:47 by yourchoice

What can I tell you about two ‘X’ words that once were commonly used in our home. I love crossword puzzles and the Internet game, Words with Friends, and I’ve often use xa, xi, and xu but in my office and my home, these two words that I am including in this blog were common.

I had a home-based graphic design business for seven years, with customers in the town closest to where we live. I figured there were enough home-based businesses with self-taught designers in the city, and in an effort to produce full color advertising posters, business cards and other project, I was able to purchase a Xerox printer that used wax crayons instead of color ink or laser toner. It was a dream printer but when I decided to “retire”, it made no sense for me to keep it because of the high cost of the ‘crayons’.

My other ‘x’ word was added to my kitchen and dining table. I admit that I have always been a “sugar pig”, and I used xylitol as an alternate sweetener. It’s not as sweet as sugar but I tried it for a couple of years, in an effort to keep my weight under control. However, it didn’t last long, even though it was a natural sweetener.  I didn’t like the taste, and decided I would do better by learning to eat LESS, rather than adding xylitol to my diet. Even though it took me almost a year to adjust my eating habits… learning to recognize the difference between being ‘satisfied’ and ‘being full’ finally worked for me.

My final comment in this blog is that neither word is no longer in my vocabulary or household. One I can’t afford, and the other I can’t enjoy!  

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04/13/2017 13:04:09

Oh, my! Never 'knew' those X words.  Well, except for Xerox of course.   Funny thing: we never got around to playing Scrabble (well, for the last 20 yrs I'd guess), so I just yesterday put it into the pile for the yard sale!

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