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Y - Yardley, Yams and Yancey
Posted On 04/13/2017 12:26:09 by yourchoice

It must be the snow in the air, but I’ve been enjoying home time the last couple of weeks. I must say that I don’t remember ever being bored, and I’m sure that the computer has much to do with that. Sitting by my window, and watching a fresh blanket of snow forming on our back patio, I came up with the idea for my next A to Z Blog Challenge.

Thinking of topics that could start with ‘Y’, the first word that came into mind was Yardley. I had to go to Google to find out if it was a real English word or something that I made up. Sure enough, it is a genuine English word, and it revived a very real memory. My mother’s favorite scent was lavender, and she would always have a bar of Yardley English Lavender soap tucked in the back of her underwear drawer. As a child, I couldn’t understand why it was always in her drawer, still in the wrapper, and not by the sink in the bathroom. The Palmolive soap that I got to use wasn’t nearly as nice as the one my mother had in her drawer.

Yams, also known as sweet potatoes was a favorite at home, but I rarely buy them now. I do know that they can be baked, mashed or roasted, and even in delicious desserts, but when my spouse doesn’t like yams, I rarely think of them except for Easter, Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Dinners. We will be enjoying Easter dinner with our DIL’s family and I’m hoping they are thinking about yams too.

Philip Yancey is one of my favorite authors. He was a Chicago journalist who now writes some very thought-provoking books. Two of his many books that I have enjoyed are ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ and ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace?” Other titles are ‘Where Is God When It Hurts?’ and ‘Finding God In Unexpected Places’.

I just thought of one more ‘Y’ word… YOU! Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs.

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04/13/2017 14:48:38

I had a lavender soap in one of my dresser drawers as a child, but don't know if it was Yardley or not.  Probably was, as I do know the name and knew they made soaps.  I remember the soap had a raised area of decorated flowers and was an odd shape.  Not round, not rectangular. Rather as if you took a bra cup and cut it in half length-wise and used it as a mold for soap. Come to think of it, it could have been a soap from Avon instead.  It had no wrapper that I can remember, it was just lying there in my drawer, naked.  Probably ran out of scent with as many years as I remember having it.  Hmmm.  Such a funny thing to remember!

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