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G... Grateful I Listened To A Still, Small, Godly Voice
Posted On 04/16/2017 20:33:27 by jayseahawk

I fell off the wagon at G on the A to Z blog challenge. So here it is G... I am GRATEFUL this Easter Sunday for the decicion that my God guided me to. Here is My Easter Story

I guess you could say that today is the anniversary of the first day of the rest of my life... It was on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006 that when I woke up to a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, I was in a quandary as to whether I should go to church or take my first bicycle ride around the country lanes. Should I go to church and then ride in the afternoon or miss church and dress like a Tour d' France rider and hit the back roads around Armstrong! Well after considerable thought, I decided that being Easter I really should go to church...The decision having been made, I walked to church, had coffee and socialized with my friends in the church foyer, and all in all, I felt really good.... When it came time for the service to begin I was sat in the sanctuary with my friends. Pastor Bruce stepped up to open the service and everyone stood up... Except for me!. As I sat there, the steel band began to tighten around my chest and first, my left arm and then my right arm began to go numb followed by the icy cold sweating sensation. My friend Bryan asked if I was okay. Without hesitation, I replied NO! The ambulance was called and within 30 minutes, I was in Emergency at Vernon Hospital 20+ Km down the highway. and not too long after that I was transferred to ICU. --- I was blessed that morning, because in the congregation was a paramedic who was in town visiting with his mom and also a couple of nurses. So all of the right steps were taken to ensure my survival. And survive I did from that heart attack, so that eleven years later to the day, I am able to write the story of that what could have been a fateful day. Oh yes! the outcome could have been a whole lot different had I done what in all honesty I would have preferred to do on that sunny Sunday morning, which was to ride my bike. God works in mysterious ways and I am certain that on the Joyous Day of celebration we call Easter that our God arose from the dead after the Crucifixion He guided my actions as to what I Should do that morning. Had I not listened to that small voice in the back of my conscious mind I could quite possibly still have had that ambulance ride, but not until someone found my lifeless body in a ditch or by the side of the road... I look back on that day and don't think "How lucky I was to have gone to church that morning". I Know that God worked His way in my mind and Blessed me because I did His will... We sang the song "Power in the Blood" this morning. I truly believe that song tells it exactly as it is... Praise the Lord and to all of my friends and family I wish you the Happiest of all Easters on this sunny Sunday.


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04/17/2017 00:15:46

I'm so glad you shared your story with us. I hope you continue in the A to Z Challenge, and share more stories with us. The celebration of Easter, in my opinion, has nothing to do with bunnies, but with the wonderful gift of God's Love and sacrifice. 

04/16/2017 23:08:25

What a wonderful and inspiring story! I enjoyed reading it and wish you a continued loving journey with our Lord.....

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