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Looking Back
Posted On 04/19/2017 17:16:32 by billieof-bigD

April 19,2008 the date I became a member of NOTH, I had been a member of the Cloudeight family for years because I used their beautiful stationery on my emails. When NOTH was introduced I gladly joined; was not familiar with any social sites. Beginning with ages forty and up, it has been one of the best choices I could have made. At my age I have out lived my family members, a lot of my friends and NOTH has filled in with new friends that seem like family. It has been a wonderful eight years, a smooth ride with few bumps.

Looking back at myself being a new member, I have to give credit to the greeters who made me feel welcome and knowing they we there when I needed help. I mean I took them at their word.  I began asking question after question because the Profile page seemingly was my biggest problem. I have to give credit to Mouse first, she let me know what to make transparent etc. Later Auntie Andrea took time to number and explain where each line was, just what I needed. I am on a roll now..lol I became a pest in the message boxes of Altara(Diane), Susan, and Shell. They were so nice about giving me answers. I knew little about the computer and nothing about Noth. There was a Computer group that was not quite up to par until Altara took over later.

I have made quite a number of friends that has been with me through all these year and I appreciate each of them. I was quite active in groups earlier but when I realized that there was such a gap (age wise) I sat back. These younster don't know nothing about outdoor toilets, chopping wood, pumping water, killing chickens, gardening and other ways of life I had lived,  I now love my visit to the forum and the things they post in my bulletins. They seem to live such active lives and I enjoy them posting about it. The biggest joke of all was when I thought I could make a background. I really thought it was easy looking at it. Shell sent me the basis, Eva help me install the sight,( I pestered her so much, she gave me her email address) and Susan explained the source. I got started but  I realized "this is too much for me." I really believe I got a few more gray hairs. I spent too many late hours but I struggled enough to make a back ground that I used on my profile for a month or two It was a far cry from a professional look, so never again. Its takes a lot of work and I admire each one in that group.  I can not finish this Looking Back Post with out a word to the Administrators.  Eightball(Darcy) and TC. have been to the Cloudeight family like mother hens protecting their biddies. If you don't read their Info/Ave Newsletter, you are missing a lot of good helpful information. You can't find any one more  caring, concerned and honest looking out for others they have never seen or met.  My hats off to both!

Hugs to all Noth members. I keep this group in my prayers


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07/14/2017 00:32:05

I read your posts........and you are a delightful person.  May the Lord take care of all your needs and wants.

04/28/2017 11:22:37

Hi Billie, that was lovely to read. It takes us all back to our early days with Noth. You  should consider writing a book of your life. It would be so interesting to read. Every one's life is of interest. Thank you for being my friend.

Love and hugs, Dianne

04/22/2017 23:44:37

Beautiful tribute! When you became a member here I was still on Yahoo360. I didn't hear of NOTH until many years later(whenever I joined here was the first I heard). I'm not here much, life is a busy one, Blessed Be..

04/20/2017 15:22:48

Happy NOTH anniversary,Billie!  Don't worry I like reading about how life was before our mod cons. You are an inspiration to us!

04/20/2017 14:50:41

Happy NOTH Anniversary, Billie! Well said, and I couldn't agree with you more. 

04/19/2017 22:14:50

I feel the same way about NOTH... so much to learn, many new friends (who said that "seniors" don't add new friends?). We may never meet face to face in this life, but the friendships created are very precious. I'm so glad you posted this blog.

04/19/2017 17:39:32

I have enjoyed so many years knowing you. You were with me thru my foster childrens lives and shared such precious feelings. I especially love that you were open with me when I asked questions that anyone else might have said were none of my business. Although I am hardly on any more due to some health issues I hold you as a dear friend. Hugs, Suzan  (susan )

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