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E - Ed’s Enjoyable Evenings
Posted On 08/09/2017 21:52:58 by yourchoice

We’ve had a great summer… at home. The health challenges that both my husband and I experienced this spring seem to have “given up”, and we’re doing well. We’ve experienced a late spring, a few weeks of very hot summer days with no rain, and massive forest fires in the Rocky Mountains that send us lots of smoke. We’ve enjoyed house guests, short weekend trips to the town where Ed and I met 55 years ago, to visit very dear friends, and some city guys who often come to visit with Ed in his shop. The shop is still his favorite daytime place, where he can work on something that needs fixing, or thinking of one more thing that he can to do on the old Ferguson tractor that he restored last winter, and … have an occasional nap. 

He’s ready to come to the house when I announce to him over our intercom that dinner will be served in 10 minutes. Dinner is often enjoyed while watching the 6 p.m. news, and then the search is on for a sports game that is about to start. He loves just about any team sport; hockey, baseball, footfall; and if he can’t find any team sport, he will watch curling, wrestling, boxing, soccer. Personally, I’m not much of a sports enthusiast, but we have that solved. We both use bluetooth headsets (because our ears are old and not working very well), and the TV is on mute. He can listen to his sports as loud as he wishes, and I read and listen to music on the Internet through my headset. I would give up TV any day to give me more time on my computer. Our evening is concluded with a small snack for him and a cup of coffee for me.

It’s not only Ed’s Excellent Evening but mine too. A quiet evening of just being together, old buddies that we are, who often just have short conversation during commercials, is an excellent evening. 

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08/12/2017 19:59:44

Sounds to be a very relaxing evening. I'm not much for TV and never have it on during the day, however it goes on in the evening for the news and a few old reruns of TV shows but mainly have it on as a background noise as I work at the Computer.  (although my radio is always on during the day whenever I'm home). 

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