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H - Howdy, Horses, and Hats
Posted On 08/31/2017 04:53:03 by yourchoice

A hearty ‘Howdy’ and a firm handshake is a familiar greeting in our area.. it’s cowboy country! But it is not limited to the rural area, but in the city as well. The western flavor of the city of Calgary is beginning to fade, being replaced by huge skyscrapers and big business. That is, until the annual first week in July. For 10 days, the world famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has a grip on the city.

The kick-off to the event is the Stampede Parade through downtown. The streets are line with locals and visitors from many parts of the world. Marching bands, commercial and ethnic floats, and dignitaries do not disappoint the visitors. This year, there were 700 horses in the parade. The riders are members of riding clubs, competitors in the rodeo, members of several First Nations in Alberta, and even some recognizable people in the entertainment world. People everywhere are dressed in western wear; jeans, kerchiefs, cowboy boots and Stetson hats. Those who can’t afford a Stetson, can purchase replica hats at any department store.

After the parade, the Stampede grounds are open and the rodeo begins. Competitors from many parts of the U.S. and Canada compete in events involving horses, topped off each day with the Chuckwagon Races and an evening stage show. This year, it was reported that 1.2 million people went through the turnstiles to attend the myriad of events.

If you are interested is seeing more about this event, including photos, visit the Calgary Stampede website.

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09/04/2017 22:28:45

Thanks Mona. A few of my friends have been to see the Calgary Stampede and thought it a great show. Also my Brother-in-Law has been involved with Rodeo's here since he was a young man and has been breeding and training Quarter Horses for most of that time. Several times they have had folks coming from Canada and the US to stay with them at their home during the local Rodeo circuit here. 

Great story and explanation.

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