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M - Mona's Making Music
Posted On 09/23/2017 18:26:19 by yourchoice

My apologies for writing a blog so soon after the last one, but something happened at our place yesterday, and it is perfect for my next “M” blog. First a short preamble to my story.

When hubby and I were travelling to the city a couple of weeks ago, he asked me an unusual question. He asked if I ever miss playing the piano, and wished we had another one. I said I didn’t think about it very often, and I had taken up with another keyboard it was a rare opportunity for me to play a piano now. Sometimes I wished I could escape the sports stuff on TV and retreat to my piano in a quiet room, but that was no longer an option for me.

When we downsized about 20 years ago, we didn’t have room for my piano, even though it was very special to me. It was a gift from my maternal grandfather when I was four years old. He even offered to pay for my piano lessons, until we moved to the city. Our son said they would take the piano in case their toddler children would someday enjoy playing the piano. It never happened!

Two years ago, our son and wife became “empty nesters and decided to downsize. They asked if I would be upset if they didn’t keep the piano. They met an immigrant family in another city whose daughter was doing very well in learning to play the piano but there was no piano in their home for her to practice. Our son thought that my piano would be a treasured gift to that family, and I agreed.

Now back to the activities here yesterday…Our son called and said,

 “Hi, Mom. Are you doing well? I’m wondering… have you ever purchased an electronical keyboard after you gave your piano to us?”

“We’ve thought about it,” I said, “but never got around to it. Why are you asking?”

He told me that if I would like a piano, he has one for me. He had just sold a house in the city, and the client moved but left an electronic piano in the house, telling him to do whatever he likes with it. When I told him that I would love to have the piano, he arrived at our home in 15 minutes, with a Roland 88-key electric piano and matching bench in the back of his truck. His buddy who came along to help unload and move the piano into our house. I quickly learned that I have a new challenge… I have to relearn much of what I used to know about playing a piano and an organ. Now I have a combination at the touch of a button.


No need for any birthday gifts this year… I’ve been blessed!

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09/25/2017 04:23:17

What a lovely gift and surprise.  I can imagine the enjoyment you will get from this Electric Piano.  We have one in our local Parish Church also they have one at the Nursing Home where I used to work. They sound great. I wish you well with it.  I have a Yamaha keyboard that I play however I barely read music and play by memory/ear.  I tried to learn music but it was hopeless for once i knew the tune I could play it and would lose the place where I should have been reading!!!..

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