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N - Napping is Nearly Normal
Posted On 10/10/2017 21:42:43 by yourchoice

I’ve given myself a bit of a rest from “talking” on the computer. So many things have been “happening” at our home, that when the end of the day is in sight, we catch ourselves napping in front of the TV or my computer. By late evening, after several short naps, I’m ready for a bit of computer time, to answer emails and send a few text messages across the ocean before heading for bed. That’s when I wish that I didn’t take so many naps during the day.

It was a beautiful autumn day when friends of mine took me to the mountains for a birthday lunch. The clear blue skies and the vibrant autumn colors were “eye candy” for me, but when I got back home, I sat down to tell my husband about our day, but fell asleep before I had finished. Two days later, we had the first snow blizzard of the season; no more blue skies and no heat in our house. We had no need to turn on the heater all summer, so the timing of this event was perfect…NOT! We’ve also been waiting for the installers to come and finish the installation of solar panels, but weeks have gone by without seeing any evidence of installers or explanations for the delays. Winter is almost here, and they won’t want to do the installation on our roof when it’s cold. So… to keep calm, and stay civil with that company, hubby has unscheduled naps! However, we are determined to not allow it to be our “new” normal.

A few medical appointments (requiring more naps, I think), and several more to come this month, have been unusual events for both of us (thankfully, nothing serious). I’m wondering if I should request a long nap after getting a tooth pulled next week? I probably won’t be doing much talking for a day or two, and it will give me time to work on my new computer “project”.

I’ve also been on a learning curve, even late at night, spurred on by my normally frugal husband. He was determined to buy a nice birthday card for me without me knowing about it (I was in the same Walmart as he was), so he quickly browsed for a lovely and suitable card when I was in a different department. He didn’t check the price until he rushed to the cashier, and later told me that he spent a bit over ten dollars… on a small paper card with a  plastic heart on it. The text was wonderful, but it would have been a lot cheaper if he had bought a whole birthday cake!!!

Now he’s thinking that there would be some value in having a computer, if I could create and print greeting cards that we could deliver in person or in the mail. He sees nothing personal about online greeting cards, especially for some of our contemporaries who don’t have a computer. I managed to have paper cards in envelopes, to hand-deliver to each family member attending our family Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday. The adult grandchildren were impressed with the creations by their Nana.

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10/25/2017 21:15:05

Usually I don't Nap during the day but these past few weeks I find I just have to rest if not nap to recharge my Batteries !! So much has happened and this will continue on for some time. Just that rest does seem to help.

I have been making my own Special cards for quite some time now as sometime time ago I invested in the Hallmark Card programme which was on a super special at the time. By easily making changes that suit myself these cards become something special for the receiver or so they tell me.

I hope that you now have the Solar Panels fitted.  They are extremely popular here although I do not have one myself but I'm told that it certainly cuts down the Power Bill.

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