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Posted On 01/27/2018 16:06:18 by Altara33606

T  -  Tech

Today I'm playing Computer Tech!

Some of you may remember when my 'good' Desktop PC quit 2 yrs ago.  Well, since I needed something right away, I bought a laptop, fairly good but not very expensive; it works fine. It's better in one way (i7 processor) but not as good in another way (6gb RAM).  

However, I kept hoping that one day I could afford to get get this ASUS desktop looked at--and maybe fixed. After all, it has 12GB RAM (with a space to add more), an i5 processor, and was very fast.  Sadly, in the midst of trying to get it going again, back then I did a Refresh & the darn thing quit right in the middle of that--so..my hard drive didn't have Windows on it any more. That's another expense, getting Windows 10 put on it  for $119.  Well, that was the quote I got when I 'asked'. 

I've been using my very old Compaq laptop as an emergency back up. But it overheats easily--and it's very, very slow (only 3gb RAM). Today I decided to try something: I took the 500gb hard drive from that laptop and put it into the desktop.   Yes, it did the same old thing when I tried to boot it up: start/stop/start/stop, etc.  Then, I got the "Preparing to Automatically Repair" the pc--which then turned to: Unable to repair. Try other options. One of which I  thankfully didn't try: Refresh!!  (as long as this hard drive works, I can always return it to the old laptop)

But...after about 15 minutes, it finally did boot up & it's still working half an hour later.!  I remember that back in 2016, as long as I didn't turn it OFF, it would keep working. So...I'm not about to turn it off now!! 

However, a couple of funny things I've just realized: first, it has no internet since it's not wireless.  I'm pretty sure I have 1 or 2 ethernet cables stored here somewhere--so I might try that, if this keeps working. Next, it has no sound!  Yes, I do have speakers I can use if I want--but I hesitate to go to all that trouble.  We'll see how it goes first.   I'm using my smaller external monitor as well as 'wired' mouse and keyboard.  One thing I loved about this desktop is that it has plenty of USB ports! Something like 10, I think.   So...now we just see how long it keeps going! Fingers crossed!


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01/29/2018 21:05:49

That's interesting..Like you  The PC that I am using now is just on 12 months old but I still keep my old XP as many programmes are not compatible with the new one such as my BDM disks (Birthds Deaths and marriages) They were well over $700 a set when I bought them some 12 years ago so would be a good $1500 today. The only way around this is to purchase new ones but the technician that handles all my complicated computer work knows a way around this as he has set them up for other clients so he is coming back to recheck the new one in two weeks as it is under guarantee and he will load them onto the new one.  Also the programme that I did all my family research with is on the XP and that too is not compatible with the new one hence reason I am keeping it unless he can transfer that too and I'm sure he can as he is a very clever young man and comes to your home plus only charges a reasonable price.

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