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Y - Yak, Yakima and Yakking! Surprize!
Posted On 03/08/2018 21:08:14 by yourchoice

Little did I know, that when I was first introduced to Yak, I would be explaining it in a Blog, but here I am. Whenever we drive to Washington to visit our daughter and family, we would drive through a small picturesque town in southern British Columbia. We often stopped at the two antique shops there, just in case there was something there that we didn’t know we needed! Several years after our first visit, a school chum of mine (when we both lived on farms), moved with her partner to Yak. Her partner was a trucker, and there was lots of work in the forest industry. Shortly after their move, my friend was involved in a very serious highway traffic accident, and she spent months in the hospital. Now, when we travel through the town, my mind is not on antique shops but my friend who survived and is now living in a Seniors’ complex abou 80 km. from our home.

Yakima is a city in Washington, located in the fertile Yakima Valley. It is a “must stop” location because of the fresh apples that we can buy. Precision Fruit and Antiques was our favorite place to stop; sort of “killing two birds with one stone”, if you’ve heard that expression. Honeycrisp is our absolute favorite apple; it is crisp and noticeably sweet.

Now I come to ‘yakking’! That’s what I do much of the time! If I can’t talk to friends, I type with eight fingers and two thumbs. My husband has said many times… “How can you do that much ‘yakking’ on the phone?” and I have to remind him that I (we) have so many friends in many places around the world, and I like to keep in touch with them. If I’ve been on the phone for over an hour, he assumes that it is just to one person. When he learns that it was several friends, he then wants to hear the news that I learned over that time. I try to avoid the question (because of his teasing) by saying, “No much!!” and hoping he will drop it, but he comes back immediately with “Not much? With all that yakking, you are telling me that didn’t learn much? Ah..hhm?!!”

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03/23/2018 14:20:27

 Wow i would love to go their as it sounds nice.   I love Traveling to new places & Exploring ..   aww don't worry about that ,  You keep on Yakking lol..   :) 

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