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Z - Zeros, Zoos, and Zucchini
Posted On 03/26/2018 08:48:51 by yourchoice

It has been quite the start to the year os 2018. Conflict, disasters, social issues, and slumping economy have grabbed our attention. But I am not going to delve in any of those topics. There are better things to talk about.>There has been a lot of talk in our area about Zeros… at least in the weather. There has been so much snow, that the city doesn’t know what to do with it.

Transportation has been difficult at times, but most days, workers did manage to get to their jobs. What about the zeros, you ask? If the temperature would at least get to “zero”, it would help the situation. However, are they talking about 0ºC or 0ºF? If it is 0⁰C, it is 32ºF, but if it is 0⁰F, it is -17.78ºC. Sometimes it is just easier to stick your nose outside to find out how cold it isZoos have been in the news in our area this month. It is all about four panda bears, who have arrived at their new home in the Calgary Zoo. The adult bears are on loan from China, and the two cubs were born in the Toronto Zoo. The bears cannot be visited immediately by the public at the Panda Passage at the Zoo, as they are in quarantine until May. However, I have a problem with all this ‘fuss’! Do you have any idea how much our city spent in preparation for these bears, who will be with us for five years? The Panda Passage exhibit itself costs $14.5 million, as it was built specifically to meet the pandas’ every need, as well as appeal to the public (as reported by CTV News). There is so much need in our city and country, unemployment, immigration, seniors and veterans, and yet four bears will have all their needs met and the public will approve the expenditure and be pleased.

Even though I am not a gardener,and don’t even pretend to be one, I do enjoy zucchini that arrive at our place from a gardening friend who has run out of ideas of what to do with all the excess zucchini from their gardens. There are dozens of ways to enjoy this vegetable; pasta dishes, soups, fritters, baked fries, salads, muffins and cakes. My very favorite is a loaf that does well in the freezer, and a ready treat with coffee for unexpected guests.

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04/02/2018 19:02:22

Zero's in both temperatures is far too cold for me...We do drop to zero and below during our winter months based on the Celcius measure mainly caused by severe frosts but occasionally snow. I'm not a fan of the winter months !!...The Zoo here in our capital city also spent a huge amount of money to build an enclosure for Panda's that are on loan from China. I too cannot justify the amount spent when there is so much need for finance for medical and also the homeless and people in need.  However, because the Panda population is decreasing so quickly they also used this enclosure to breed from the ones on loan and did this successfully. It still does not justify all that money spent. They should be able to breed Panda's in their own country and protect them for one quarter the amount of money......  I like Zucchini's. The bushes produce so much fruit/vegetabla and its always a challenge of finding ways to use them before they grow too large.

03/27/2018 00:22:26

Hello, I am Nicol from Cyprus, we in Cyprus hear all the news in T.V. and CNN.  I love pandas, but I think animals should live in their own environment and not closed in the zoos!!!

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