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Yesterday's Travel Conversation
Posted On 06/30/2018 15:15:58 by yourchoice

We were on a road trip yesterday, enjoying the green fields on our way to the town where hubby and I met and lived 56 years ago. We were looking forward to spending the day with our dear friends who we met the same year that we were married. We have traveled thousands of miles together with them over the years, most of them in a vehicle with wheels (… and once on a cruise), and we are STILL friends.angrywordstopperHubby and I wondered if much of it was a result of a wall hanging in our kitchen where we see it every day. Sometimes the reminder doesn’t work but we’ve tried to learn to say ‘I’m sorry’ and admit when we could be wrong, even though we thought we were right. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what happened in the past… deal with it and then forget it!

I wonder how it would work in our public life. There is so much animosity these days, in the little things and big things. It would be much harder in the “big” issues, but it may work there too.

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03/17/2019 21:47:02

Enjoyed your story and fully agree.  A simple, "I'm sorry" can resolve many issues.  When it comes to family & friends, a follow up hug is priceless!

07/04/2018 19:55:08

You always seem to have a good time where ever you are.  I'm sure you enjoy all of your travels but it is made even better when you can sare it with some friends.  Love your post, great words to live by and to put in use every day.  Think I will print it out and put on my fridge.  Great post.

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