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The Irony of Life
Posted On 07/17/2018 23:37:06 by yourchoice

There are times that a topic for a Blog pops in my mind in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. That’s what happened a couple of days ago, after a news release in our area, that involved a long time friend of mine. It brought back memories of long ago, and how we’ve kept in touch as much as possible.

When I was just four years old, my maternal grandfather gave me a piano and also paid for my first year of piano lessons. My parents were so very pleased with the gift and made every possible effort to get me to the lessons. We lived on a farm, and the piano teacher lived on a dairy farm about 8 miles from us. There were two teenage boys in that family who worked very hard, carrying large pails of milk from the barn to the separator in the pump house. I remember asking if they would be my brothers because I didn’t have any. It was at least good for a laugh. 

Years later, when we moved to our present location, I received an invitation to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of my piano teacher and I again met my two “almost brothers”. I learned that both of them were world-renowned ophthalmologists, Dr. Hervey Gimbel in Loma Linda, California, and Dr. Howard Gimbel in Calgary. Adding to the wonder of learning about them, an ophthalmologist from Venezuela, who came to live with us while waiting for his accreditation, told us that he always used Gimbel instruments in surgery, developed by Dr. Howard.

Back to the news release this week, this is the beginning of the announcement:

“After a 54-year surgical career, Dr. Howard Gimbel is set to change his focus to teaching and mentoring as he prepares to undergo a procedure to remove a cancerous tumor.

Gimbel, 84, said a mild symptom brought him to a doctor and led to the discovery of a tumor beside his left eye. Since radiation or chemotherapy are not possible in this case, removing the tumor will also require removal of the eye. Without binocular vision, he will no longer be able to perform surgeries.” …

Considering the irony of the situation, I know he’s not done yet. 

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