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What Was I Thinking?
Posted On 10/14/2018 00:05:45 by yourchoice

Well, I did it! You would think that if I was going to make a spectacle of myself, I would do it in some deserted corner of town where there would be no witnesses. But no, I did it right in front of the shop that I had just left. I had even asked the clerk to put my purchases in a small bag so that I wouldn’t drop any of it when trying to unlock the door of my vehicle.

Last Friday was a great day, especially after the piles of snow that we were gifted with a couple of weeks ago. The roads were clear and I had a list of things on my ‘To Do’ List. My husband was pleased that he could stay at home instead of waiting for me. He knows that when we get to town, I will stop and talk to anyone who looks familiar when I am shopping.

The routine for the day was to first head to the city for an appointment and fill our van with gas (at a cheaper price than in our town). Next, I would take the north highway to our favorite town, purchase groceries, replenish items in my pantry at Bulk Foods, buy black thread at the Dollar Store so that I can repair my slacks, and drop by for a coffee at Tim Horton’s before heading home.

It didn’t quite work out as planned. Two more items on my list were left, and I was ready to head for home. I had parked the van in the ‘Handicapped’ zone in front of the shop, so I decided to put my purchases in the van, and then walk several doors down to the Dollar Store. What happened next escapes me, but I fell face down beside my parked van. My glasses were not damaged but I had a cut above my eye that was producing a lot of blood. They think that my face landed on a stone on the pavement. Before I could figure out if I was hurt, and if I was, how would I get myself back on my feet, I heard some voices around me. It seemed that half the town was there, trying to help this poor lady who had fallen. I wondered who she was… then realized that the poor lady was me! I was hoping that I could ask somebody to help me get to my feet and get into my vehicle. A kind gentleman was the first to speak to me, asking if I needed help. Was it that obvious? Then two ladies came with wet paper towels to apply to the cut and clean the blood off my face and hands. The cashier from the shop smiled and asked if I had planned the fall when I had asked her to put my purchases in a bag. Small town people are always helpful and also lots of fun!

When I finally got back in my van, I tried to gather my thoughts as to what to do next. I was about 20 miles from home and on my own. I read the ‘To Do’ List again, then drove two blocks to Tim Horton’s for a coffee. Coffee will fix my headache, and some ‘sit-down’ time would give me time to think.

The traffic was normal on the way home. I’ll have to fix my slacks after my next trip to town.

My favorite recliner will be occupied this weekend by the poor lady who missed a step… I think!

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10/23/2018 09:50:02

It isn't the 'fall', it is the sudden 'stop' that does it!!! It was your 'ballet' dance of the wonderful homemaker.  Bless you- God had folks there to help you right away. Like you, and the others, we all have had those sudden "stops" on the ground - and been totally 'shaken' by the experience. After I have fallen, for weeks I find myself walking slower,more purposefully - slowing myself and my motion down to a low level. As a homemaker, we are used to going at a certain speed- get things done because there are more to be done and we move too fast and "bingo"- we have a sudden stop.  Take care, and know all of us care about you and wish you the best. 

10/23/2018 08:56:14

thank God you were in a crowed area . i fell between mine & my husband's cars several years ago. He was sitting in the livingroom not 30 ft from me. I was between the cars with my head against one with my feet in the air over my head. Almost able to Kiss my own behind. The packages I was carrying to the car had me twisted so that I could only move 1 arm. I welled to the top of my lungs to no avail. it took me almost 20 minist to wiggle my way into a position i could get uprighted from. I was so angry I dared not come back into the house or I would have said some things I could not take back. So I just went to church all muddy & Mad. When I got home several hours later I was calmer . I could even believe he never heard my screams at all. 

10/19/2018 13:21:49

Yourchoice:  What you describe has happened to me, too.  As you it is usually right in the middle of town.  Definitely not anonymously...but I'm happy to hear the worst thing is ripped slacks.  

Enjoy your chair, stay warm and have a great weekend.


10/16/2018 16:13:20

I am so thankful that the worst injury was to your pride. It is wonderful to live in a small town. I also am so blessed. I even spend time talking to people I have never met when I go shopping . Here in the southern mountain town I live in we also wave to people passing by in their cars and trucks. The joy that knowing people really care lifts the spirit. Take care and God  Bless.  

10/15/2018 17:18:16

Oh my goodness! I hope your cut and your "dignity" heal quickly!


10/15/2018 14:51:49

That sunds like something I would do. I'm 78 years old and guess still haven't learned how to walk. As a child fell down--as a teen ager have fallen down- as older person still fall down.  Glad you weren't hurt bad.  Take it easy and hope you feel better real soon.

10/14/2018 19:24:00

So pleased that you weren't seriously hurt Mona.  These accidents happen so quickly one does not realise until your lying there wondering what Happened.  I do hope the Headache soon is gone also the bruises and your feeling lots better. Country folk are so caring. They are always there to help and assist. 

10/14/2018 15:54:03

Oh, my gosh, Mona--I'm just glad you weren't hurt worse!  If that headache persists, please check with your doctor.  But that's great that there were so many nice people coming to your aid. 

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