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Do you feel usless
Posted On 10/30/2018 05:18:46 by Texanora

Do you feel you are at the end of your rope, ready to give up. That is exactly where the enemy wants you. You are in the battle for your mind . You are behind enemy lines . Listening to & repeating all his lies.. The only one that really has the say over your life is you. The enemy operates in the spiritual realm to accuse , belittle , & demean you. God gave each of us free will. He will not resend the order of allowing each human free will. The angelic host must abide by this law. The enemy broke that law in the garden. He can never again take a place in the heavenly host. That is why he fights us so hard. Because Jesus came to regain our place ,if we choose to accept it. The enemy does not want us to even know about this redemption much less take advantage of it. So he does everything he can to keep us on the dark. The pit of condemnation . The only way he can do that is if we agree to stay there. He above all knows we are free from the prison the choice of Adam made. So when we begin to search for that prison's door he really uses every trick he knows to keep us distracted. Even to the point of convincing us to give up on life. If that is where you are you are actually only steps away from the door to spiritual freedom. Stop listening to his lies. That life is not what God planned for you. His plan is good . you have been supplied with everything that pertains to life & godliness. But you have to see it, accept it, & begin to walk in it. One step at a time.


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10/31/2018 14:03:08

amen to this.  He is "as" a roaring lion, he is imitating The Lion of Judah. Be aware of his lies because nothing else comes out of his mouth.

Thank you for posting this.

10/31/2018 04:48:27

Most people don't understand the Bible because it is spiritually discerned.so when It is read it is only words on a page. If they have not except ed Jesus as their savior they have no spiritual understanding. When in the flesh they need it explained.Thus the need for a preacher. If the preacher just quotes the scripture then the message goes over the head of the heater. Like the story of the emperor's new clothes, people will not admit their ignorance.

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