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difference could be genises
Posted On 11/03/2018 09:31:43 by Texanora

we no longer seem to teach our children that all genius were belittled by their teachers & piers as stupid, too nervous , hyper , useless to society. Because society thinks that if you are not following the rules , if you are different , then you are wrong. you should be forced to be as  uninterested & uninteresting as the common man. They do not realize that all the innovators ,inventor, Leaders  the ones that make  the advancements for & in our society are those that do not follow the normal routines of waking , eating, trying to have fun ,& be just like the other fellow, not rock the boat but drift through life actually show more improvement to their lives than they themselves ever do. I give you Einstein, Edison, Bach, Rembrandt, as only a few on the list of greatness. Wish I had followed my heart instead of the crowd. 


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11/04/2018 13:39:38

We should not feel so much pressure to fit in. Thank God we are not all the same. I really feel sorry of all those that they medicate to make them fit then cast them out further from society as drug dependent. Everyone is teachable all you have to do is to have a teacher with nough love in her craft to stop , listen to the child  being taught , see what they need to learn , then plan their lessons accordingly 

11/03/2018 15:47:36

So true...our son, when he was in 3rd grade, was treated like he was a misfit. He was bored in class, didn’t run with the crowd...so we were advised to pit him on medication. That never happened. Fast forward 11 years, and he is now 21. Working full time with a major worldwide company. Very intelligent, considerate, responsible..quite the opposite from many young adults his age. Everyone now gets lumped into a blue or red box...so your analogy here is right on. Thank you for sharing.

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