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can one control his /her emotions
Posted On 11/04/2018 05:40:18 by Texanora

All the major pain in our lives are derived from feelings, Both Physical & Emotional.  We all know that the human body is not meant to be in physical pain for long periods of time. We know that the longer the physical pain last or its great greatest severity  the closer the body comes to death. In order to sustain life man has gone to great lengths to conquer pain . But so many pass emotional pain off as light. of no consequence. Many take pride in the emotional pain they go through. Even planning to hang on to it for to rest of their lives. Non forgiveness is an emotional pain too many wear like a banner. They set themselves up to suffer every kind of emotional pain by every means possible. We sing songs to & about it. we expect the actions of others to take it away . Jesus came to show us where to seat of pain lies & how necessary it is to control the root cause . Which is our emotions. Our decisions of how we will receive either toward us or not [ forgive them for they know not what they do.] the thoughtless , uninformed actions of those around us. It was not just for him H said those words, along with so many more on taking our thoughts higher . Having a higher understanding of life . More than just getting up, working on having more, thinking only of how we feel . nor even thinking of how others think or feel. We expect others to know us like God knows us . We don't even ask him about how he feels . We just assume he feels just like us. How small minded we are. He knows ahead of what we do , say , think. If he was like any of us all of us would have long been destroyed before we could perpetrate the pain causing actions that we do so often. Thank you God for loving me.


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11/11/2018 16:12:07

Thank you for sharing this. Keeping the Faith always.

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