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Just some thoughts
Posted On 11/10/2018 06:26:14 by azjudy

The world is wondering what the Land of Liberty is coming to with all these mass killings. I told my sister that it is becoming a normal thing here in the USA. Over coffee, can you imagine people in awe of a day that went by and no mass killing? It makes me sick to think some nut who wants people to feel as bad as he does, decides to go on a killing spree. I don’t care if the killer wants to die but why in the heck does he have to take innocent people with him?All the psychobabble will not change the fact that he is a weak and sad piece of crap. I have no sympathy for him at all. No matter how much a person hurts emotionally, he does not have to choose to kill. Without going into detail, I have struggled with depression and know how it can play havoc with a person’s mind. Still, want to die bad enough, do it alone why cause more pain. Suicide hurts the loved ones left behind but usually, the family is aware their loved one is in emotional distress. The victims have no idea that they are doomed to die at the hands of a stranger.


Life is hard enough without wondering if you will live to see tomorrow.


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11/10/2018 20:23:20

And yes--many of those behind the mass killings are mentally unbalanced. But something sets them off.  I also have no sympathy for them.

11/10/2018 20:20:57

I totally agree with you. It's downright scary--so many mass killings. It never used to be this way.  My thought that is the 'reversal' of 'inclusion' plays a  big part.

I had been so pleased that each new generation had become more accepting of people who were different. Now, it seems we're back to the 'Fifties', where anyone different is 'hated'. There's too much hateful rhetoric out there now. 

I can remember when I was growing up;  "Good Christians" went to church every Sunday, but felt it was perfectly fine to look down on people of color--or anyone who was 'different'. To me, being Christian means to be accepting of those who are different from me. I dont try to force my views on anyone.

It saddens me to see how rigid some people have become; oh, yes, it was always 'there' in some people, but in  the last few decades, you didn't see so much condemnation.   Now, it seems to be acceptable to spout hate.  A sad commentary on the state of today's world.

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