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Part 2, Just some thoughts
Posted On 11/10/2018 06:34:34 by azjudy


Will gun control prevent mass murders? Tonight one of the grieving mothers' loss control and ranted at the camera. The following is from when the reporter was interviewing her.


“I don’t want prayers. I don’t want thoughts,” she said. “I want gun control and I hope to God nobody else sends me any more prayers.”


I can’t help feeling sorry for the mother. Her son lived in Las Vegas and was home for the weekend. He survived the mass murder in Las Vegas last year only to die in another mass murder. I honestly do not believe gun control will do much good. I would need to research the topic before I could state facts so these are just musings. I know that not all guns are purchased via legal means. Would gun control stop the killings? I seriously doubt it. Gun control just might make mass murder more difficult to achieve. Hopefully, that would be the case but as cynical as I am I won’t hold my breath. I will be a good citizen and vote for any gun control bills that appear because there is a thing called HOPE.



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11/15/2018 11:58:33

If no one had guns we'd be better off. But that's not a solution because once the first gun was made there was no going back. Instead we need to work to raise our kids to respect life. The problem today is we've lost the values that make a society a peaceful one. And that's not just here it's all over the world..

11/11/2018 09:06:54

The sad thing is that Gun Control Like locks on a door will only keep those that will not break the law from using their right to protect themselves from those that will kill or break in to another's space without conscience . There is no thing that we could control other than ourselves and how we see things. Guns used to commit crimes are not gotten by people that are honest law abiding citizens legally. They are sold illigally by greedy people that just want the money. The purchaser want them to take what they do not own at the cheeper price of the illigal gun instead of the hard work , honest means. The mass shooting are done by persons wanting to force others by fear of distruction into compliance with their thoughts , beliefs, because they think it shows strength as well as dominance . It is foolish to think Laws passed will stop those that have no respect for the laws . We will never be able to legislate morality. Sinners do what their father tells them to do and we do what our Father God tells us. They are athe tares we are the wheat . His Angels will sort out the tares from the wheat at harvest. We are in the world no of it. More laws will not stop satan nor his army we just have to get more people to join our family . hold to God's protection . trust Him. Have a heart for those that need to heal from their lack of understanding as to where we are in Christ.


11/10/2018 20:27:31

Like you, I don't know if gun control will solve the problem. But it will probably help.  Guns are too easy to get.  I feel so sorry for the relatives of those killed by guns, no matter if it's just one person or many. 

And yes, I agree with the mother you quoted. Every time this happens, we hear "Our thoughts and prayers are with you".  But nothing happens. So the killings continue.   I don't blame her for her feelings. 

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