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A letter to Mr. Trump
Posted On 11/12/2018 00:22:41 by azjudy

Dear Mr. Trump:

I am sure you noticed that I did not use proper decorum when I called you Mr. Trump.  You see, Mr. Trump I have a lot of respect for the office of the United States' presidency. Politics aside Mr. Trump, Do you realize how you how many times you sound ignorant and uneducated whenever you open your mouth? 

The mass murders which have been taking place lately are so painful and sad for the families and even the murderer's family because they will bear the scorn of society.  How could you say that the guy was one "sick puppy." That sounds so undignified and unworthy for someone with the title of the president of the USA. It was flippant and gauche and not something to say in public by the president. Even though most of us agree that the guy was nuts but we are just the people of the country who look to you for leadership and dignity so do not have to follow exactly the same rules for those in public offices.

Secondly, Mr. Trump, what nerve you have to blame the tragedy of these horrible fires that are destroying life and property on the US. National Forest Service? My brother and his wife are now retired senior citizens who lost their home and all their material possessions and barely escaped with their lives in Paradise, California. I wonder how many people you insulted that lost their homes with that thoughtless allegation? How many people proudly worked for the US. National Forest Service now will go through life with guilt because of your insensitive statements. These folks that suffered through the floods, hurricanes, fires, mass murders which the year 2018 will be remembered for. These folks need all kinds of help and not stupid and foolish words.

I will close this letter with some wise words that are attributed to Mark Twain. You would do well to heed them and then just maybe you can gain a measure of respect.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain


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12/27/2018 08:45:21

Good Blog and as for me, I call him "Individual No. 1".

11/14/2018 19:19:59

Touchpainter,  My toes are just fine and unhurt.😁  I know exactly what you mean.  My way of writing business or political letters is to always be polite while secretly give the person enough rope to hang him/her self.  Believe me, it works. Maybe someday I'll write about it.  Again, thanks, for commenting.


11/14/2018 19:08:02

Hi there,

Not sure who your comment was intended for, Touchpainter or me.  To be honest,  I would have to re and reread my letter.  I wouldn't want to say anything he would fabricate as a threat.  Do I trust the man?  No, I don't but you gave me an idea. I'll send it to our state newspaper.  At least. Trump couldn't call me a liar and terrible person on national t.v.  😊

11/14/2018 17:06:01

Wish this was posted so everyone in the world could read..............how about sending to the Washington Post..............

11/14/2018 13:17:00

Oh, azjudy, and anyone who reads this, I am not refuting what azjudy has said here. I am glad she is so brave to blog this, I applaud her. I am just expounding, by ranting (for the lack of a better word right now) what I have been enlightened to also, about this strange creature in the Oval Office. I find it hard to see him as a human being. So I am in full support of azjudy. I think this letter is great... the only proplem is 45 doesn't read... never has, never will.... and when they try to read to him, he just glazes over & walks off like there never was anyone in the room with him. I love Mark Twain & all my life have repeated that quote often, & will continue to do so. Mr 45, though, does believe it is better to let the people think he is a fool, so he can create that deflection/diversion so everybody is hair-on-fire about that & not on the con-job he is actually pulling off, behind the scenes.

This man is very dangerous, & right now vengeful. He is like an animal who has been backed in the perverbial corner, and he is going to do something very ignorant/stupid, and possibly so damaging, it can't be repaired, or can't be rapaired for generations.

So, azjudy, YOU GO GIRL!!!! I applaud what you have done here. I hope I didn't step on any toes... I appologize for that. Bring it on & give us more...


Hugs T P


11/14/2018 12:32:37

Mr 45 is fighting to make it illegal to criticize and badmouth the President of this country. Remember he LOST the popular vote by over 3 million votes. That is why we need to get rid of the Electoral College. Also it is the gerrymandering, and gross voter suppression in the extremely high Democratic areas of this country that the Democratic lead of 3 mil over "45's total vote,s wasn't greater than just 3mil. Also with an even greater voter suppression for the 2018 midterms, Democratic voters were still able to send a greater message to ALL Republicans & especially that degenerate "45"; WE DO NOT APPROVE & WE ARE GOING TO STOP 45"s FIGHT TO BECOME A DICTATOR WITH HIS BASIC PLAN TO BECOME PRESIDENT FOR LIFE LIKE HIS BEST FRIENDS: Putin, Kim Jung Un, & the rest of the Presidents in MidEast, & South America whom have all lied about their fake elections to be, now, President for life, & he whom he is fauning & swooning over. But now the voters have spoken in the 2018 MidTerms, we are on to "45" and we will not allow him nor his GOP cronies to destroy this Democratic Republic which our forfathers had the great insite to forsee of such a person as "45" & tryed to protect us from such an evil man. Voter suppression may have kept the colored/poorer people (most of whom usually massivelly vote Democrat) from getting to the polling places this 2018 MidTerms... but there were so many more new Democrat voters, that Democrats were able to finally squash the GOP crooked ajenda of the past 20+ years. So now they have shown their childish/infantile true selves and have decided to quit public office & become lobbists (which should be illegal - & just may also become so, finally). So yes that is what a Republic is & what a Democracy is. But "45" was NOT elected by the people, Hillary was. "45" was elected by the Electoral College. Just a tiny handful of people who violated their basic duty bylaws, which anyone can google, and the EC did not vote according to the wishes of the people of their states, either. That is why the Electoral College NEEDS to be abolished & why "45" will never receive any respect from me. He spits on the Oval Office, despises slumming it in the WH & has said so, & with his blaitant/infantile display of disrespect to Democracy, his position & the WH, foreign leaders, the free press/first ammendment, our brave troops alive & dead, the Justice Dept., National Parks/American flora & fauna, American citizens in disaster areas, US Constitutional Law, just plain social courtesy/decency, denegration of the position he himself holds, & denigration of the people who serve him; all multiple times daily, & has been ramping it up since the 2018 MidTerms. America/Americans/all globally needs to be protected from "45". He is so out of control right now, he just may implode, taking so much that is important to our Democracy & the nations security/safety, the damage may be irrepairable for generations; not to mention how scared of him our other ally nations are feeling about his irratic/unpredictable actions & retoric/rantings. Oh, he is not a jackass, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is first a showman, second a conartist salesman, a professional grifter. He is crazy like a fox. He know just how to deflect, so by the time we all catch on, it's been almost to late, and some of his cons have been too late to fix.

11/13/2018 20:28:22

Whether or not I agree that Trump is basically a jackass.  I am thankful that a person still has the right to criticize and badmouth the president of this country without consequences. Don' forget who elected him.  Thanks for reading and taking time to respond.

11/13/2018 12:10:08

I refuse to honor him by saying any part of his name. He is Mr 45, to me, & needs to be impeached. He daily (several times a day) brings disgrace to the office of the president; thru bald-faced lying to deflect the media's attention away from the pluthera of his coruption, it is reporting on. Now he has sent more military troops to the Mexican Border than is presently in The Middle East; to stop a non-existant "Caravan" of people seeking asylum from death, murder & torture. Our troops can not intervene on U.S.A. soil (that is  Constitutional Law) & Mexico will not let the US Troops cross over to Mexican soil, that is an "official" Act of War. And these troops now have to miss Thanksgiving to stand along the border twiddeling their thumbs for no reason, while this non-existant caraven is still over 1000 miles away walking to the US barefoot & pennyless. This past Veterans Day, Mr 45 was the only world leader along with Mr Putin, to refused to pay honors to the brave U.S.A. troops buried in the World War Cemetarys both in Europe & here at home. What were 45 & Putin disgussing in private instead of honoring the brave U.S. troops that gave their lifes & are buried there. What are they planning. 45 also decided to "recluse" at the White House, texting venom & new lies about people & policies, instead of paying honor to Arlington on Monday; which is a very short walk from the White House, it is that close. This waste of flesh, &  poor excuse for a man is so terrified of what will be coming out to expose him, in the future, when the House of Representatives reconvenes Jan 2 2019, we have to be very wary. The damage he is going to try to inflict, while he still has the power of a Republican House, terrifyes me to my core & should everyone out there. The massive damage he has already done to our Liberty & Democracy & land-mass, thru his executive decrees, placements in the Cabinet, refusal to fill the empty & important positions (positions still left empty & growing), his stacking of the Supreme Court, and now the crumbling of the Defence Dept., to pull another "Saturday Night Massacre", from the "Nixon/Watergate play-book". There is so much more damage over the past 2 years this reprebate has done to this country, it's people, it's lands, & it's stellar standing in the global community, I just don't have time to list. There is damage we still don't know about, that will be exposed, it always does; and still more vitriol & damage to be inflicted by a very vengeful Mr 45. All I can say is until Jan 2, (when the House turns Democrat), Buckle up Buttercup, it's going to be a tormultuous (& possibly heart-wrenching) ride.

11/12/2018 18:39:58

Yeah, It is so easy for some people to use sprew mean words and names to get their point across.  Thanks for reading my blog.

11/12/2018 03:38:06

Very nicely put.  Unlike a few years ago when a certain member called Pres. Obama many names & said she did not have to respect the office of the President as long as he was there.  I often wonder if Mr Trump is 'talking down' to his followers; he certainly doesn't sound Presidential.  

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