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Our Revolution Government Shut-down Rant to Michael Moore
Posted On 01/22/2019 12:18:01 by TouchedPainter

"Our Revolution (.com) Government" Shut-down Rant to Michael Moore for Jan 30,2019  meeting                                                                                                             

Does anybody realize this Gov. shutdown's enormous length is engineered to demoralize the good people of the FBI, NSA, TSA, The Military, etc., causing them to find jobs elsewhere. All created to cause GOOD people to not want to work for this government nor work for civilian contractors that are looking for employees to do jobs in an industry that shuts down at the drop of a hat, and ESPECIALLY CALCULATED, to cause the worst hardship at times like Christmas & like winter hardship seasons. This shut down was deviously calculated to further "45's" plan with Putin to make it hard to find/hire good/intelligent people to take on a job that has anything to do with a government that can at whim & for no good reason endanger the stability, hard work, future security, & the very health/life of the family members depending on those paychecks, and they have every RIGHT to expect. This creates a huge danger to democracy if good qualified people find work elsewhere, and the government can only find unskilled workers that can't keep a job elsewhere. This blaintant, calculating, Putin devised, deviousness of the present sitting president, "45", is terrifying me & should be terrifying everyone else out there. Thank you, T P, Epsom NH.

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07/18/2019 16:49:10

Hello Julio,

It is a shame you are such a coward. You can roam at will & leave snotty illinformed remarks, but you hide behind a blackout site that noone can rebuttal.

Your comment "He's your president, whether you like it or not." I don't even know what that means?!?!?!?! do you?  "Riiiight?"

As far as running away like a coward to another country, that is not an option. I will stay here and FIGHT for the saving of our Democracy & Republic. And, I am so sorry you are using racist retoric. Oh by the way, I was born in Boston. My parents were born in Boston. Two of my ancestors came over here on two seperate voyages of the Mayflower. All of my male ancestors & some of the female have fought in all of the wars establishing & defending The United States of America, and a lot have died in those battles.

I never even hinted at being oppressed, nor a socialist, which I think is a good thing; because I need the Social Security I paid into & the Medicare I have paid into. That is your projection on to me; not my reality. And, not only are socialist dreams not thriving in Venezuela...NOTHING is thriving/surviving in Venezuela. You are not keeping up with the news, dear.

Oh, heck, no, I will not take the cowards way out, I will stay right here, and will do everything in my power to see that steaming orange pile of pig diarrhea, and all his cronies, ends up in prison. And as you put it "mean ole massa Trump", which I am glad you admit he has proven his racism, also, through the courts fining him & his father, for their racist ways in their real estate buisnesses, along with the visual proof of him with his father (who was prosecuted for) in KKK white sheets and pointy hoods participating in one of his many KKK rallies, which his father assended to high ranks within the KKK association; and grinning little Donnie prancing at his daddys side. I know "Mr 45" is trying to destroy the Constitution so he can become a dictator, so he can do away with anyone who opposses/disses him, but in today's America we still have freedom of speech as granted in the United States Constitution. I will stay here and defend with my life the preservation and safety of the United States Constitution and the Stars and Stripes from all TYRANTS. It is your right to post any snotty thing you want in the blogs (isn't it great how the U S Constitution works for all of us, U S citizens or not?) Even if you hide in a blackout site so NO-ONE can comment to you. So post at will... Please be advised though... I will not be reading them... That is my right.

You have a great Summer, Julio... Hugs T P

04/30/2019 02:34:42


He's your president, whether you like it or not. 

Move to Mexico, Canada or better yet, Venezuela, where your socialist dreams are thriving.

It's gotta be waaaay better than being oppressed by mean ole massa Trump!


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