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Details of new Page Contest--updated!
Posted On 04/09/2019 09:52:41 by Altara33606

Thanks to those who have said they will enter our Pretty Page Contest! We have enough members interested to go ahead with it--but it would be nice to add a few more!  So...I'm giving everyone now through next Sunday, to add their names to the list. 

To 'enter': either send me a private message or post in the 'Featured' group--or just post a comment here.

The actual contest will be from Monday April 15th through Sunday April 21 (Hill time/date).    I will announce the winner on Monday April 22nd.   Voting will be by private message to me.  This is for 'prestige' only--just to show off your pages.  It doesn't matter if you use a pro layout or just your own background.  All are eligible. 

As previously mentioned, ALL members are eligible to enter. But only one entry per member (no matter how many pages/accounts you have). Even ‘private’ pages are okay, if the member changes the settings so that everyone can see and comment on the page. The same goes for pages you use as 'test pages'. If they are 'open', they can be entered.  And yes--"Layout Designers" are also invited to enter! (of course, their pages must be 'open to all' to view as well)  

I will post the list of Entries in the 'Would You Like to be Featured' group on Monday April15thit's OPEN for viewing; you don't need to 'join' to view the entries.  So please: don't VOTE until the contest officially starts (when I post the official list), so that you can see any late entries!

There will be one vote per member, again, no matter how many accounts you have; multiple votes will not be counted.

Admin has given me free rein on how I do this (as Staff), so please--no 'suggestions' on how this is done. 

Altara (Staff member)


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04/14/2019 16:54:05

Reminder: Everyone who answered 'yes' to my Poll are already on the 'list' of entries to the Contest. 

If you want to 'drop out'....please message me immediately (either at my Altara33606 account or this one, Altara3).

04/11/2019 10:55:00

Thanks for the info and for doing this Altara.  It should be a lot of fun.  There are a lot of beautiful pages out there.  Hugs, Judi

04/09/2019 13:43:23

PS--Everyone who answered 'yes' to my Poll are already on the 'list' of entries to the Contest. 

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