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A Tribute to Doris Day
Posted On 06/11/2019 18:05:06 by azjudy

           A Tribute to Doris Day


I am sure all of you know that the actress/singer/animal lover died last month at the ripe old age of 98 years old.  Her age can be debatable since I have seen different years for her but regardless, she was loved by millions around the world. I never heard a bad word about her from any of her co-stars or fans. Miss Day with her white teeth and sparkling eyes never failed to bring smiles with her clean-cut comedies. She never lashed out about what the critics or media said about her. I am not sure who said it but someone said of Miss Day, “I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.” She laughed at her own image but yet all of her movies were pure entertainment, even the few dramas she made.   You could always count on clean language and sexiness without the nudity or explicit sex scenes that left nothing to the imagination.  

Of course. I am sure she had her faults but gauche, vulgarity and explicit movies were not one of them. Much of her life was tragic but she never dwelt on them.

TCM showed her movies all day June 9th. In between movies they would give commentaries and in one they said her singing belonged up there with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc.

How many of you know that Doris Day turned down the famous character role of Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate?  She said she was afraid to disappoint her fans and that she didn’t think that they would be able to accept her in that role. What a true lady!


Rest in peace Miss Day. We will always be thrilled with the movies you left behind.


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06/12/2019 06:56:19

She was an awesome singer and actress. I didn't know she had turned down the role for the Graduate. She was truly one the nicest people and did a lot of charity work. She will be missed. Rest in peace Doris Day

06/11/2019 18:56:50

Well said and I agree with your "truths" about Doris Day.  She was a teenager when I was born and seems like she was always a part of my growing up and movie life.  She will be missed by fans of the movies and her saving of animals.

My best friend for a lifetime, Alice and I sang a very poor imitation of "Sentimental Journey" on Alice's 50th birthday and it was straight from the heart.  Fond memories.

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