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Wow, it's been a long time!
Posted On 06/15/2019 11:45:43 by cpatton

I was going through my bookmarks and saw this link. I haven't been on here in so long! Seems I have no time, or else I can't relax enough to visit. My life has been a roller-coaster since 2013.

My daughter graduated high school. She spent a semester in college and dropped out  In 2016 she got pregnant. The dad is raising the child. She has nothing to do with her own son! Luckily we get him every wwwkend.

My son got married and has 2 kids. She's a nice girl, but lazy as all get out. She never cleans the cat box so her house stinks, and it's permeated their clothes so they stink too. My son is a truck driver so he's not home enough to change things. We had to get their oldest in preschool cuz she wasn't teaching him anything, not colors, numbers, or how to speak cirre rly. He's 6 and speaks like a 3 yr old. He starts kindergarten this year. He's gonna have a rough time. 

Hubby has a well paying job that he hates. He hates nit being home every night (he's a truck driver), he hates how management has no respect. All he does is complain. I listen so he can vent, but there's times I don't want to talk to him at all. His unhappiness is stressful. But he won't leave because he makes almost twice as much here than anywhere else. 

I used to like my job, but they stopped my line in 2nd shift. Now I'm on a line I hate. They're supposed to be bringing mine back and I was told I could go back. I like 2nd shift. The people are more laid back, and I go to bed whenever and wake up whenever. I don't need an alarm. 

Today I'm working 12 hours. I haven't had a day off in a month. I'm off on Sundays, but that's when the grandkids visit. That's not a day off. I don't enjoy kids. They're loud and noisy and greedy and entitled and rude. I understand that's how kids are. I used to like kids. Now they're just annoying  regardless of their being related to me.

And hubby is such an intense person to be around! He's always complaining about the government  He always has to be doing something  He thinks retired people die within a couple years because they stop moving. He's probably right  but relaxing for a day or two a week won't kill him! He's always saying he has a million things to do and never gets anything done  When I ask what million things  he can't really answer me. If he starts cleaning he gets stressed. I'm not a white glove kind if housekeeper. He wants the place to look like a model hoyse on open house day.

So that's my rant for now. I'd like to try and get on here more often. I don't really have anyone I can whine to without feeling like I'm whining. So anyone who thinks that, please pass my blog by. 


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06/18/2019 01:41:54

I'm a "re-run" (my introduction to you  having joined in 2008 but as you will probably soon see, have had past brain trauma and Encephalitis, so I don't always get my heart felt wishes accurate, but I did want to let you know that I surely sympathize with your struggles and let you know that I do send you payers and hopes for comfort  - whine-away and  holpefully you'llo find that we "oldies" (I'm 82) will feel strength in the lives we have gone through with enough strength to send to you....sincerely!

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