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Circle of Friends
Posted On 07/20/2019 02:54:50 by LadyLynne

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Our online friends touch us daily

From different walks of life

Enveloping us with warmth and kindness

To ease the pain and strife

Some live just around the corner

Others an ocean apart

Each struggling with their hopes and fears

Soul searching deep within the heart

Over time the bond strengthens

Of that it is a fact

Through emotional and economic crises

Our circle of friends remains intact


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07/24/2019 06:39:04

Thank you, Gerri.  My condolences to your friends on such a sad occasion.

07/24/2019 01:46:56

That was lovely, Lynne.  I thought immediately of our friend, Shirley (happy girl) and Boyd, who are this past week, without their 55 year old son, who was found passed away on his couch.  At our ages, we don't have many family or friends left for contact - reaching early 80's leaves many alone and so the computer has become a "friend".  I put Shirley and Boyd up to God, at their request and hope that they will know we are thinking of them.

I hope this is in the correct place....

07/22/2019 06:17:53

Thank you for reading, LilyMae.  Social media and online friends can sometimes fill the void and a good distraction from the realities of every day life. 

07/22/2019 06:13:00

thank for writing this! my online friends are a great addition to my real life friends which are no longer close by!

07/22/2019 06:03:40

Thanks so much and glad you liked it, Judi. 

07/22/2019 02:36:29

Beautiful Lynne.  Thank you.  What a simple yet eloquent reminder of what we all should appreciate and share with our friendship.  Hugs, Judi

07/21/2019 04:34:55

Thank you, Beth. 

07/20/2019 13:03:05

Friends are true gifts...they enrich our lives in so many ways. Love this -:)

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