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Summer In Our Back Yard!
Posted On 08/21/2019 00:12:36 by yourchoice

I haven’t written a blog for some time, and I’ve been “off The Hill” for longer periods of time. It’s all about life, and what happens when we least expect it. We are doing well… in the midst of our major/minor physical “overhaul”! But rather than giving a detailed medical report, I thought I would share some activities in our backyard.

Early in July, I was enjoying some sunshine from my valley-side window when I witnessed a brief visit from a young bobcat. I haven’t seen one up close in years, and to be on the safe side of the glass was a bonus. He stopped briefly by my window but darted when I made a move to reach my camera. No picture to show you!

I’m often entertained by a variety of birds who take turns at the ‘Bird Cafe’. Yellow finches, tiny wrens, a couple of bluejays who return year after year, and the barking of a red squirrel who thinks he’s a bird and is a manager of the Bird Cafe.

The most unusual visitor stayed for a very short time, but it was the beginning of some neighborhood drama. A black bear cub stopped by, just long enough to get my attention and a sniff at my ‘silk flowers’ before scampering off (to join up with Mama Bear, I’m sure!). No picture to show anyone… just my word! Two days later, our Bird Cafe ‘disappeared! The steel pole was gone, the feeder was gone! We thought the deer had knocked it down, because I have chased them away several times. Our son was able to find the feeder down the hill, and Ed installed the pole and feeder again, bracing it with stronger clamps and bolts.

All was well for a week. Several days of rain and then the birds were back. Then it happened again… the pole was gone, and the feeders were gone. This time, we asked our grandson to have a look down the hill, and there was the feeder in a sad state of disrepair. We then decided that it was likely Mama Bear, who would be much stronger, that decided to help herself. Our neighbors down the road sent an email that evening, to tell us that an adult black bear was on her driveway. That is not the news we like to hear, especially when there are young children playing in the yard.

 As for our Bird Cafe, it has been closed indefinitely. We will have to provide our own entertainment… and we will miss the birds!

I have posted some of our summer backyard photos on my page, and you are invited to drop by any time.

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