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Here Come the 20s!
Posted On 12/30/2019 00:03:29 by yourchoice

This week has been a mixture of busy, busy, and quiet hours in my favorite chair. Christmas Day was wonderful, even though there were several grands who were missing, either because they had to work, or they were invited by their “significant other” to celebrate with their family. We do know that they still love us and will show up on our doorstep when the opportunity presents itself. As for the Christmas Dinner… I wasn’t disappointed. There was a pile of mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, and jello salad (but I turned down the offer of pureed turkey), and my “new” teeth managed quite nicely. I keep reminding myself that it will get better, and no complaining. There are many in this life who don’t have the luxury of teeth and somehow they still manage. 

Hubby has had his tractor out once since Christmas to clear the snow on our driveway but we are happy that the roads are open in the community. We may have to think up an excuse to take a trip to the city, just in case we need a few groceries for unexpected guests. If that doesn’t happen, I’m happy to have my laptop on my lap, reading, listening to music and trying to be creative about something. There are always friends that I can chat with on the phone or online, if I find them home. I refused to be bored… I think I’ve said that before. 

I read a statement this morning that got me thinking… “Here come the 20s!” I have a feeling that it will take on a different meaning than when my parents talked about the 20s. The 20s to them was the era of their young adult years. Looking for work, making do with what they had until something came along, and grateful for living in freedom. It sounds a bit different these days for many people. They had learned a lot of things that they could pass on to our generation. I hope that we’ve done the same for our children. 

Having said ‘my piece’, I close with my New Year’s greeting to you… and to all my NOTH friends….


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01/01/2020 16:04:38

As always love your blog.  I have always thought I would like to have been a 20 year old in the late 40's and 50's for many different and probably crazy reasons.  I think mostly because the looks, movies, etc., always catch my eye.  Some romantic movies from then.

The happiest of new years to you also my friend.

12/30/2019 14:34:13

Love reading your blogs Mona..always so encouraging and positive, no matter the subject. Life as we once knew it (younger days) has changed indeed. Everything and everyone moving fast. I have become a homebody, especially in the last few years. Thanks for your sweet blog. Wishing you a beautiful new year -:) Lisa in N.C.

12/30/2019 11:40:01

My grands had the flu at Christmas so it will be another day. I saw that with the 20's too. You're right it's all a different meaning now. In the '20's 100 years ago the economy in America was the worst we've ever seen. Then of course the Great Depression came along. Anyone growing up through those years had the greatest values of all. Happy New Year Mona!

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