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Sometimes It Is Just About The Ice Cream
Posted On 02/11/2020 01:42:36 by texasjane

Hamlet and Garfield had a lot in common when it came to the "diet".  I had to stay on constant watch.  I fed him "Pot Bellied Pig" food.  It is special in that it is not designed to put weight on the pig like regular pig food is formulated.  When a pot bellied pig is over fed the skin around their eyes can grow over their eyes and they go blind.  The extra weight is also hard on their little feet, friction from rubbing the ground can cause skin problems.  It was for health reasons I was so strict about his diet.

On his wedding days I gave him less because I knew he would be having wedding cake.  I tried to keep things balanced.  I found that it was easier to train Hamlet and his children than it was to train my mother.  My mom loved spoiling them.   We also had a photographer who was always adding to Hamlet's portfolio.  Every time he thought up a new shot he would set it up.  Many times those shots mean't treats for the pig.

We had spent a great deal of time training one of Hamlet's sons.   After training I always allowed my babies to run free and just be pigs.  I relaxed in a chair with the trainer to sip some tea.  I did not know my mother was bring out the home made ice cream.  She had set it on a table and not told anyone.  The photographer snatched the cone and setup the shot.

Pokemon, Hamlet's son, decided;  "Sometimes, it is all about the ice cream."  

I had to agree with Pokemon.  I had to put the rest of the pigs in the other yard so they could not see what was happening.  Pokemon had gotten a treat because the shot was too cute not to get.  It took a long time to train... Mamma, the photographer, and the trainer about the dietary needs of my little babies.  You must admit ... the photographer was right.  Did you know pigs smack their lips when they eat?  I wish you could have heard Pokemon that day.  Smack, Smack, Smack... ice cream!!

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02/12/2020 12:32:18

Love the photos... a good authentication to your story!

Now I can say that I can identify with a pig!!!! It IS all about the ice cream!!! Just check the freezer in our home!

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