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A Smart Mouth at The Age of Six
Posted On 02/11/2020 01:46:17 by texasjane

One of my biggest problems when I started school was keeping my mouth shut. Especially, if I was just trying to be funny. I got in more trouble trying to be funny than I ever did actually misbehaving. Junior High was a different story but we will save that one for another time. I am talking getting a spanking for reciting the alphabet.

Does that shock you, well it shocked me too. I will give you the conversation and let you decide if the switch I had to go find and give my grandmother was correct punishment. It is ok, I did not actually get the spanking... I handed her the switch and took off running. She chased me until we got to the big barrel chair in the living room. I ran one way and she ran the other. She caught me, bent me over her lap, and said, " Now, Michelle, Tina, Tricia.... then she started to laugh and said, which one are you?" I laughed to and told I would tell her later. She gave me a quick swat on the back of my leg then gave me a big bear hug. All was well. Then I told her, "You are the one who taught me the alphabet... remember?"

I still am not sure why punishment was even considered for the following conversation. You tell me.

My kindergarten teacher ask me to recite the alphabet.

My reply; "How can I complete saying my alphabet if the 'P' just ran down my leg?"

I got the idea when my grandmother had ask me (after we had been practicing) which letter of the alphabet could run down my leg? Once again; proving a little knowledge can be dangerous. It did get me out of reciting in front of the whole class.... I spent the rest of the class perfectly happy in my chair... in the corner.

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