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Hamlet Gets Arrested
Posted On 02/13/2020 07:17:18 by texasjane

Dirt all over his face and body.  Like a common criminal.  The officer knew exactly where this young man belonged.  It all started when a neighbor decided to also get a pot bellied pig.  I think it was more curiosity than it was jealousy.

I would not have know he had even gotten out of the yard without the help of a thoughtless pedestrian.  He saw Hamlet making eyes at the pig on the other side of the fence and said, "Looks like a good place to meet bacon."  Well, you all know how Hamlet feels about the "B" word.  Hamlet squealed bloody murder and started running for his life.  He ran right into the police officer.  The officer had known Hamlet from his participation as entertainment for a retirement party for a friend.  He scooped him up and read him his rights.  He talked to him in a soothing voice to calm him down as he drove him back home.

Some of the shots from the retirement party showed exactly why Hamlet was so popular.

The officers at the retirement party had to kiss a pig to get in the door.  All complied.  Even a grand son of the retiree got in on the act with Hamlet's son.  Hamlet & his son gave all the guests their kiss.  Kissing a pig good bye was the theme of the retirement part for a well loved policeman.  It was all mean't as fun.  It was very funny.

However, the officer did allow Hamlet one last thing before he arrested him:  He hosed off his mud from crawling under the fence at home and over the fence to get to the new neighbor.  He allowed Hamlet to be... neighborly.  I think he hosed off the mud to keep the squad car clean, but is just a hunch.

 He asked how long Hamlet had been a kissing pig.  That was an easy question.  Ever since he first met Idabell.  We had tried everything to teach him how to do it but nothing worked.  He either licked it or ate it.  Then I brought home Idabell.  Guess what?

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02/13/2020 23:12:38

That's one of the few times that you can refer to anyone in the police force as a 'pig' and get away with it. That whole retirement party must have been a 'hoot'!

As far as me kissing a pig, I think I would much prefer to shake a paw or tweek a curly tail! Then again, I have never had to opportunity to meet Hamlet or any of the family, so I may have to change my mind!

Thanks, Jane

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