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Heroes For All Generations
Posted On 02/14/2020 07:23:35 by texasjane

As a retired teacher being asked to volunteer at a day care center was a thrill. I took my entire collection of DVD’s with the complete Lone Ranger series to a day care center for the homeless. This was inspired by my time with the Special Olympics group. All children seemed to like them so I gambled these kids would too. None of these kids had ever heard of The Lone Ranger.

I announced to the kids I had something special to show them. I went on to say this was about a hero I had when I was a kid. The word hero prompted instant questions about what powers they had, what planet they were from, and who had control of them. When I answered there questions with “none, earth, and no one”; I got a resounding cry to not make them watch some boring, no action, no sense stories.

I then promised that each episode was only 30 minutes long. After each one, they would vote to see if they got to watch the next one. You should have heard the cry when the black and white episodes came on. I had to laugh. They wanted to know if it cost extra to make it black and white.

Needless to say, they continued watching the entire series. They were so excited. After pleading and begging from the kids and the teachers, I left the set with them to be watched again.

I called the center a few days later. The Lone Ranger had become the “new” Hero for the group. They play acted with each other and watched the DVDs all weekend.

I have to kind of giggle inside. I still spend at least one day a week watching the same episodes. It kind of grounds me.

The next weekend I took the entire Roy Rogers series. Sargent Preston of the Mounted Police and Yukon King Series were welcome as well. The kids really flipped over Daniel Boone.  
The teachers were delighted. Not one kid has asked to see any stories about magical creatures from other planets since I left. One teacher even commented on the values taught in The Lone Ranger series are having an impact on their entire group.

One little boy thought he was a genius because he turned a broom upside down and started riding it like a horse. Imagine that.

I talked to one of the teachers before I moved to this little town. She said she had introduced the teens in the group to John Wayne movies as well as Gun Smoke, Bonanza, and Star Treck. The change in the kids was remarkable. The DVD stuff had become so popular they were raising money for more TV’s and DVD players at the center. The last thing I did when I packed my house from the lake was have them pick up three of my TV’s for the shelter.

I think back on those simpler times when we saw things as right or wrong and patriotism made you feel proud to be American. Our electronic world is zooming by so fast real values are getting lost. Love of family and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

I think every child should have heroes to give them a good reason to look up. I got to thinking about all this because I have been in somewhat of a slump and got out today for the first time in a long time. As I sat looking and watching people in the restaurant I noticed all the kids looking down into their electronic gadgets. They were missing the life going on around them. I love to people watch.

I went home and got on my knees and prayed for God to send me someone to love, to care about, to laugh with. I have been so lonely for so long I just got used to it. I think I have mentioned this before I really have to be more careful about my wording when I pray.

But everyone needs heroes and someone to share their heart. The greatest prayer was for us to love each other as God has loved us. My prayer was answered today. I am so humbled that I should receive such a wonderful gift. The chief of police has listed me as the "Go To Person for Help with Children" or any emergency. I am not lonely any more... I 'am too busy.  I am needed.  I can not think of a better calling.

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02/14/2020 13:10:51

I love your creativity, in your writing and in your everyday life. Words are powerful... and can be used in so many different ways, with different results. In my opinion, you don't have to be careful with your words when you pray... Father already knows your heart!

So glad that you received your answer... your confirmation today. It will be exciting to hear about some of your coming experiences as the 'Go To' Person!

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