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Sun Rises and Sunsets
Posted On 02/21/2020 01:02:08 by texasjane

No matter where you are in the world the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. God opens and closes each day with the orange (the color for compassion), pink (the color for love), white (the color for purity), purple (the color for principal or royalty), green (the color for sharing) and blue (the color for truth), and yellow (the color for knowledge or gold for the crown he wears). I forgot to add the color red which is the color for action.

These are the colors and the qualities he gave each of his children when he made us in his image. When all colors are reflected evenly they are seen as white. When all colors are absorbed they are seen as black. Gratitude is the strongest prayer and love for one another must always include ourselves.  When you see a red ball it means all the colors have been absorbed.. but red which is reflected back.  My hope for you today is for you to be filled with awareness of God's presence.  If you do not believe in "God" then at least give thought to a being greater than yourself.  There is far more going on here than we can comprehend through our five physical senses.  Close your eyes, put your finger on your lips, and allow your mind to open to new possibilities.

Which is more important a rose or a daisy?  The world is covered with hundreds of different flowers.  Each flower has its own unique fragrance and essence.  All are important equally.  All of God’s children are important equally.  Can you imagine how confused the bees would be if all they had to choose from was roses?  Even the ragweed is the main diet of the wonderful Monarch butterfly.  Love your fellow man by trying to see the qualities they reflect from their maker.  That does not mean you agree with all of them or even condone their actions.  It does mean you can love the qualities of good you find… when you look for them.  Your frame of thought has a lot to do with what you see.  Many times when we change the frame on a picture we see different things in the same picture.  Our frame of thought makes a difference in what we see... what are you looking for...?

All the colors translated above were given to me during an out of body experience I had many years ago while I was dying on the operating table. Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love are the seven qualities presented to me as colors. The three primary colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow. All other colors come from combining these three. The qualities they represent likewise combine to give us new qualities.

Red (Action or Spirit), Blue (truth) and Yellow (knowledge or mind)  Combine these colors; for example Yellow and blue = Green (sharing or life by this means that we multiply). When we share truth and knowledge we multiply both.  Green is the color for sharing.

Blue + Red = Purple (Principal or Soul). When you put truth into action you have guidelines for living, laws, and the basis of your beliefs.  The Amethyst was the stone in the breast plate of the tribe of David and Jesus. Studying the Bible through color can open your eyes to many truths.

Yellow + Red = Orange (Compassion) When we put knowledge into action compassion is released.  How can you hate someone if you understand them through knowledge.  Our compassion for our fellow humans or for other living things is determined by our knowledge of them.

The rainbow was the first symbol of promise.  All the colors held high in the sky for all to see and witness.  I was once lecturing about this very subject and a member of the audience jumped up and said.  Rainbows are merely refraction of light.  I answered them,  "Human beings are merely sacks of mostly water and carbon."

Action, Truth, Knowledge, represented as Red, Blue, and Yellow.  The combination of these three give us Principal or mind, Compassion, and Sharing.  All colors reflected evenly give us white the color for purity.  When you combine white and red or when you put purity into action you have pink, the color for love.

All sunrises and sunset have pinks and oranges in them.  God starts and ends each day with love and compassion for all that he has made.  I find a lot of comfort in knowing that. 

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02/22/2020 13:01:39

Jane, you have posted information about colors that I have never known before. Thanks very much.

02/21/2020 12:16:15

really meaningful blog..nice job Jane..

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