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World War III
Posted On 03/30/2020 15:53:47 by texasjane

We are having World War III. It has landed in 157 countries. An invisible enemy to the entire world.

Yet... everyone is talking about when this is all over. We know we will win. We know everyday the sun comes up that might be the day when the we produce the cure and put it to work.  We are pulling together ... all over the world.  I think it was time to put aside our differences and pull together for the sack of humanity but it took a little bug to do it.

 You know every night when we kiss our children and put them to bed ... that the sun will come up again and we will win this battle.  All of humanity is fighting for survival but what is really being generated is our "human"anity.

We are no longer acting like animals, practicing intolerance for anyone who does not believe as we do. We are all helping each other survive. All the powerful weapons we all have here could destroy the world ten times over. A tiny bug has waged war on the entire world.

Our prayers go to the world and all of God's children. "Patience must have her perfect work." Be patient with your neighbor, your family members, and yourself. Being respectful of others will win the day and save the world. We may be told to 'Go Home' but we are not alone. The entire world is in the same war.

Our common enemy is the fear of not having. Not having enough of this or that.  Not enough power, medicine, supplies are just part of the problem.  Not enough courage, kindness, or tolerance is the other side of the same coin.  Love of our neighbor is also needed. Gratitude is the most powerful of all prayers.  It prepares us to receive more blessings.

Hold fast to your faith... what ever that is. Our power is in our humanity for ourselves and for others. Check on those who might be vulnerable. Don't hoard supplies. We focus on home now.. where our heart is. We... none of us... doubt we will eventually win. This will all end and our lives will return to a new normal, a new type of world peace. The history books may not call this World War III but it is. We will win. Take care in your hearts.. the petals of hope will slowly unfold the beauty that is mankind in all it's glory.

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04/07/2020 17:11:06

Amen. We are all connected- whether we like it or not!!

04/05/2020 15:32:01

So true and great blog.  Would that we carry this forward and remember what we went through and how togetherness, thoughtfulness and kindness, in other words, "oneness", is how we survived.  Thanks for your thoughtful post.

03/31/2020 05:13:24

Great post. The crisis has changed how we look at life, that is for sure.

03/30/2020 23:12:21

I had never thought of the term, but it's a good one. Sometimes it is good to be taken out of our comfort zone, that forces us to join together with others to accomplish "the impossible"! It also reminds us to be thankful for... family, health, friendships, a place to sleep, and enough food to satisfy our hunger. The inconvenience become secondary.

03/30/2020 21:02:43

Buffalogal wrote:

Such a beautiful and heartfelt blog, Jane.

It's not a world of "me" now but a world of "us" supporting each other, whoever we may be.

Thank you for writing this.

Exactly right.  You got my message.  Thank you.  The flowers of the world are many and diverse.  None more important than the other but all necessary as part of the whole.  The bloom is comming.. one petal of hope at a time.

03/30/2020 20:07:47

Such a beautiful and heartfelt blog, Jane.

It's not a world of "me" now but a world of "us" supporting each other, whoever we may be.

Thank you for writing this.

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