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Hamlet or Spook?
Posted On 05/26/2020 03:58:58 by texasjane

It was the first week of October. Plans were already being made for the Halloween party at a near by senior citizen center. Hamlet had been invited as more of a guest than an entertainer. This meant a new costume.

He loved pumpkins too much to have him ware one.  He would eat it before the party got started.

Going as a Pig in a Blanket might not be a good idea... someone might say the "B" word or make him think he was anything other than a star.

We even thought about turning a little box with pumpkins and hay into a ride.  Hamlet did not like that.  He just want to either eat or play with the pumpkins and like walking on his own.

We had a small practice party and invited some of Hamlet's pig friends. It was great fun. Adjustments were made to Hamlet's costume after we watched him move around in it for a while.

My aunt was a wonderful seamstress. Several simple costumes were created but Hamlet decided on the last one, he was going to be a unicorn.

We arrived early, as usual. We were quickly ushered into a private room so Hamlet could dress. What we did not know was what was going on in the main dinning hall. The senior citizens were all decked out in costumes. Punch was setup on a long table at one end of the room. In the middle of the room a woman sat in the center of a horse shoe type half circle created with chairs. She was decked out with a wrap around her head and a long flowing gown. It also looked like the jolly green giant's cuff link was sitting on the table before her. The lights had been dimmed except the one on a side table next to the woman.

She began to chant and moan as she waved her hands over this big glass ball. The music was soft but eerie. She had asked for silence as she wait for direction from the spirit world.

I did not realize that Hamlet had gotten out. He quietly moved around the room without making a sound. Everyone was watching the woman. Hamlet came up behind and under the woman's chair and softly brushed past her leg. She suddenly gasp. "I feel a presence." Then Hamlet made his way around the horse shoe (under the chairs) and brushed each occupant on the back of the leg. The gasps traveled with him. The Psychic gazed into the glass ball and asked the spirit to answer yes or no. "Are you female?" She asked. (nothing happened) Hamlet was still wondering around under the chairs. I could not go get him without interrupting the proceedings. He was so quiet. The carpeted floor helped eliminate any clicking of his hooves. "Are you a male?" She asked. There was again silence but Hamlet had made his way back to the chair where the physic was sitting. He had discovered her purse sitting beside the chair. His snout touched the CD player running just inside. When the music stopped... everyone gasp.

"Please," she was trembling and her voice was shaking. "Please communicate with us." She picked up the glass ball just as Hamlet decided to lick the back of her leg. She screamed, as the ball went flying into the audience. Several people caught it and immediately tossed it to someone else... as if it were alive and being controlled by a hidden spirit. It was finally returned to the center table as everyone backed away from it.

Everyone had a short scream as the commotion built. Which of course scared poor Hamlet. He suddenly squealed and started running around the room looking for a place to hide. I then tried to catch him as the psychic gasp, "What is that?"

"You are the psychic," I said, "This is the spook you woke up. You have been talking to a pig dressed as a unicorn. Didn't you know?"

Everyone started laughing and Hamlet once again stole the show. The poor woman was so relieved to know she had not actually contacted a spirit. Hamlet got his share of belly rubs and all the pacemakers went back to normal.

We found out later that the slide show the lady had prepared never got shown.  It was full of ghosts she was going to project out of the crystal ball.  She never got around to it.  Like I said, Hamlet stole the show.

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05/29/2020 13:48:12

You ought to wrote a book.

05/27/2020 16:35:44

Hamlet is so cute on his Unicorn custome.  I'm laughing how she made the Psychic scream.. :)   

He really stole the show.. Thanks for sharing Jane.  Hugs 

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