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Humor Comes With Age
Posted On 07/16/2020 01:10:29 by texasjane

It all started when I was foolishly trying to rush to the front door. I do not have a door bell but saw through the window someone was on my porch.

I do not open the front door without closing the dogs off into the back of the house. I had been playing with the dogs and Oscar in the living room. I saw visitors come up the steps. I quickly ushered the dogs into the back bedroom. I grab my face mask, and start to the front door. I hear the knock and tell them, "Just a minute." I glanced around to locate Oscar. No sign of him. I shrugged my shoulders and decide he is in the back with the dogs.

I turned to move a box (delivered earlier in the morning) out of the way. The weight of the box surprised me. I tripped and fell... landing on my knees. I grab the corner of a flimsy little table to try and pull myself up.. it breaks. I grab the cheap plastic chair just right to be wrong and it collapses with me back on my knees. "Come in." I yelled.

Two kids (in their 30's) come though the door and look surprised. "Oh, Lady. We did not mean to disturb your prayers." He turns to the woman and points at me. "Look, she is on her knees praying."

I started laughing. I look at this woman who is now holding her hands in front of her as if she is going to start praying. "You are right. I am praying someone will come along and help me up."

"WHAT?" The poor confused man looked at me. I pointed to broken table and the broken chair. "You have been praying for someone to come help you get up?... WOW." I pointed to the walker behind the front door.

"Please, can you get that and hold it while I use it to get up?" He grabs the walker. I pull myself up. "How can I help you two?" I knew they needed something. They did not just come by to help me up.

I am laughing because of the whole situation. I motioned for them to be seated. Both sit on the love seat opposite me. Suddenly.... Oscar pops up, runs up my chair and starts chattering at me. They are surprised. I start to explain. They explain they had come to let me know they were conducting a virtual church service for those who are shut inside. They give me the card with the information on it. I said my good byes. I scratched my head thinking that young people don't have a sense of humor. Everything is serious.

As I closed the door I hear the woman telling her companion. "That woman is powerful. The animals even come to her. She was on her knees praying. Wow. Powerful. We saw it first hand."

I was trained to see the funny side of things by my grandmother.  It is an awesome habit.  It can bring you enormous pleasure when you least expect it.  Some little something will remind you of it and you will giggle without warning.  Laughter is good for what ever hurts you.  It makes what ever burden  a little lighter.  Age or I should say life's experiences teach us there are some things that are not so serious.  It also teaches us that it is okay to laugh, you can always cry later.  I do find that younger people do not seem to know that almost everything has a funny side and a serious side.  I watched these two young people walking to their car so serious and then I just said a little prayer for them.

I whisper, "Father... open their eyes so that they might see the funny."

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07/17/2020 17:17:54

I love this story... I can only imagine the real scene, but words really 'paint' the picture. I agree with you... humor is so much better than being stuffy and embarrassed. 

07/17/2020 06:43:41

Lol 2 funny! You're correct, even in awkward situations we must find the humor of it all. And you're right, these young people don't have that much of a sense of humor. They can still learn.

07/16/2020 22:37:58

You are right.  Who knows.  Maybe the Dear Heavenly Father did send them as an answer to a prayer.  I just happen to be on my knees when I said it.  I know I was helped, they know they saw a prayer answered.  Both of us are right.  I just wish they could have seen the funny too.

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