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Posted On 10/09/2020 10:43:41 by merchandiser
Well, I finally got the courage after several nights of sleeplessness and worry and feeling faint to drive to my local CVS (alone, I might add), and get my flu shot this year. The anxiety and night sweats ,weeks of mental torture I endured before summoning up my bravery genes has now been worth it. ...I am proud to say I am a flu shot survivor.
The attractive sexy nymphomaniac flirtatious pharmacist who administered my flu shot handed me a bag of dum dum and tootsie roll lollipops as I received accolades of praise from her to undergo this pernicious ordeal. . She said to go home and treat myself to a big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and marshmallow toppings.
She didn't cease offering her compliments about my overflowing inner fortitude that enabled me to accomplish this unbelievable feat. She said maybe next year the flu vaccine will be given in a pill form. "Chocolate "I asked, but she didn't know. Several drug companies are working on this pill before next year's flu season she said. Maybe now I can sleep, albeit I've got to prepare mentally for my next trial and tribulation getting my toe nails trimmed and callouses smoothed at my foot doctor.


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01/13/2021 19:56:45

I like the way you write. cute and humorous.

10/09/2020 23:29:08

I am pure dee chicken when it comes to shots.  I too cannot watch.  It does help.  However, the only time I got really sick was after taking a flu shot.  Now, I have had 

pneumonia, several times and so have taken the shot for it.  I do not seek out the experience.  I do not have any sleepless nights worried about it.  If I start feeling sick... I will do something about it.  Until then I will keep my immune system strong and keep going.  I believe in the phrase, "My fear has come upon me."  If all you dwell on is being sick; you will eventually be sick.  Common sense is important.  If getting a shot makes you feel safer... take it.

10/09/2020 19:54:54

I bet you're glad it's done! While I'm a total chicken about 'shots' in general, I've always gotten the flu shot (also shingles & pneumonia). I've learned just not to look when they do it, lol. My husband avoided it for years; but I guess his dr finally convinced him (a couple of years ago) that it's worth it. Both of us are in our 70's & 'high risk' so we can't afford to get sick.  But I'd sure be happy if it 'was' to come out in pill form!

10/09/2020 15:33:15

The season is upon us, and locally here..the flu shot signs are everywhere...come one..come all. I would love to see more aim at teaching others on our immune system. Basically, first off at most, 80% of our immunity lies in our gut..hence..gut feeling  (get it?) Anyway, keeping our gut bacteria balanced is top priority. Thus can be done by taking a good probiotic. Watching our food choices intake. Winter season comes, and with it..less sunshine. Throw in this setback, along with poor food choices, especially sugar, and we are doomed to get sick..others staying sick. Toxicity in our bodies is alive and well..from many avenues. Prescription drugs are a big one. So looking at the bigger picture, we needn't be running away from a flu virus falling out of the sky, but rather understanding how our immune system works overall. Please, if you have time, and are interested in gut health, as well as an array of medical (natural) therapies...look up these fine medical experts..John Bergman..Santa Barbara CA, Suzy Cohen, and Eric Berg. All explain graciously and easily, all of the issues within our health world (spectrum). 

10/09/2020 13:40:29

What a brave soul you are... I'm wondering if you are related to my 'beloved'. Being an 'old nurse', I have had to explain and encourage several family members about medical procedures. Sometimes, bribery works too!

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